Greener Wailani Development

SUBHEAD: Molokoa project revamped to include bike lanes and wider storm water runoff areas.

By Leo Azambuja on 26 July 2010 in The Garden Island News - 

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[IB Editor's note: There is no such thing as "Smart Growth" that is sustainable. Perpetual economic growth is inherently unsustainable on an island... or the world. This is another get rich scheme using "Green Smoke" as a cover for real estate development speculation.]  

A major project in Lihue and Hanamaulu approved 14 years ago is changing to implement smart-growth principles.

The county Planning Commission recently gave permission to the developers to re-design some of the project’s streets to allow it to include bicycle lanes and larger landscaped bulb-outs to act as bio filters.

The Kauai County Council in 1996 approved the Lihue/Hanamaulu Master Planned Community, known as the Wailani Project, consisting of three primary areas in Lihue and one in Hanamaulu.

The Lihue areas — Molokoa, Ahukini Mauka and Ahukini Makai — are at three corners of the four-way intersection by Lihue Airport. The Kohea Loa is at the Hanamaulu triangle.

The major changes that developer Visionary LLC wanted approved were on Kaana and Hoolako streets.

Those streets were designed to accommodate four lanes, two in each direction. The idea was to mirror how Rice Street in Lihue functions. The outer lanes allow parking on weekends and certain times during weekdays.

Kaana and Hoolako streets, however, will now have only two lanes, one in each direction. The outer lanes will be reserved for bicycles.

The parking has become permanent, and was moved to the spaces in between the trees on the curbs, instead of on the street.

The bulb-outs in the original plan were four feet wide. But now they have doubled in width, acting as a better biofilter for stormwater runoff, according to the report by Kodani & Associates, the civil engineering and surveying company hired for the project.

The commission approved the amendment, pending comments from the Public Works Department.

The request from Visionary LLC said it is committed to implement smart-growth principles, which are: Create a range of housing opportunities, create walkable communities, encourage community collaboration, foster communities with a sense of place, make fair and cost-effective decisions, promote mixed-land uses, preserve critical environment, provide a range of transportation, strengthen and direct development toward existing communities and take advantage of compact building areas.
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