BLNR Hearing on Kauai Parks

SUBHEAD: Kauai cannot allow its cultural resources, community work and parks to be hijacked by the DLNR! image above: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Disney Experience coming to Kokee. From By Maka'ala Ka'aumoana, Community Advocate 1 November 2009 - The Board of Land and Natural Resources will hold a public hearing on November 3, 2009, 6 pm at Chiefess Kamakahelei School in Puhi to discuss and make decisions on the DLNR Recreational Renaissance Plan B. I have copied the meeting notice at the end of this message which includes the proposed rule changes. At its last meeting, the Board agreed to the concept of a policy allowing a fee to be charged for parking in Koke’e and Ha’ena State Parks. The fee would only apply to visitors and is intended to provide funding for parks statewide. The money would not stay on Kaua’i. For Kaua’i, both Ha’ena and Koke’e are in the process of developing Master Plans for their respective parks. Any Board decisions now would circumvent that process and negate any plans these communities have for their places. The “Plan B” includes a proposal to utilize two parks on each island to collect fees to fund the entire system. This is a time to “show up” and record your position on this issue. There are alternatives! It is understood that the BLNR must identify funds to keep the State Parks Division open, they will run completely out of money by March 2010. They are looking for help and good ideas. What if… a surcharge was added to rental car rates to fund a State Park fund…. What if….visitors paid a fee at their accommodations to fund a state park fund…. What if…..please bring your best ideas and energy to this meeting! We cannot allow our cultural resources, community work and parks to be hijacked! A hui hou, Makaala Here is the meeting notice and Plan B proposal. “Proposed amendment of Chapter 13-146, HAR, Rules Regulating the Hawaii State Park System are to clarify some definitions, allow for internet camping and lodging reservations, payment by credit card, update penalties, issue special use permits for commercial tours, and establish entry fee authority for all State Parks to provide increased revenue for improved operations, repair, and maintenance at State Park facilities.” A copy of the rules packet may be obtained from: see also: Island Breath: DLNR Preliminary Kokee Master Plan 11/24/04 Island Breath: DLNR doesn't review public testimony 1//11/05 Island Breath: Kokee will never be the same 7 7/26/06 Island Breath: Destruction of Kokee 9/15/06 Island Breath: DLNR Betrays Kokee on Master Plan 12/29/06 Ea O Ka Aina: Meeting to Save Kokee 6/26/09

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