Return of the Zombieferry

SUBHEAD: So you thought the Superferry was dead. Don't be too sure. The Lingle Administration still wants to save its reputation. Image above: "Ghost Ship Series: The Ninth Wave" by George Grie. From By Brad Parsons on 21 November 2009 - While kids go without Furlough Friday classes, the Lingle Administration is developing a previously secret plan to revive the Superferry. State may be using it’s Third Mortgage to negotiate with MARAD to bring the two ferries, Alakai and Huakai, back to Hawaii to operate. Feds would own and operate the ferries to be subsidized with additional operating budget appropriations to be arranged by Inouye. Story to follow at blog site. Below is a copy of message sent directly to Senator Inouye.
Senator Inouye:

It has come to my attention that Linda Lingle's Administration is trying to negotiate with MARAD the return of the Alakai and Huakai to Hawaii to operate as a federally owned and subsidized ferry service. The alternative would otherwise be that MARAD just sell the vessels for greater use elsewhere in the world.

You should be aware that if you help Linda Lingle return these to Hawaii to operate as a ferry service, Linda Lingle plans to use this as a statewide campaign issue in 2010, that she believes would be popular with the Oahu electorate. On the otherhand, if her plan never gets off the ground, and the ferries are sold, the Oahu voting public will not be reminded of the issue, and it would not be an issue in the 2010 election. Take it as good advise, Obama's MARAD and your office should not aid Linda Lingle on this issue, as any assistance you offer her on this she intends to use against you and the Democratic Party in the next election. MARAD should just sell the vessels as they otherwise would.

Aloha, Brad Parsons


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I spoke with Mike Formby today. He paints a different picture. I stick with the story.

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