Ten Key Green Values

SUBHEAD: Ten years ago we published a list of values for our Chautauqua County, NY Greens group. by Linda Pascatore on 21 September 1999 in The Gobbler - http://www.islandbreath.org/TheGobbler/Articles%20Published/02%20Greens/00%20GR%20Green%20Values/gr_00_Ten_Values.html image above: The sunflower -a frequent symbol used by Green Parties in logos. From http://www.ualberta.ca/~jjhamand/kim_harris.htm The Green philosophy was inspired by the peace and environmental movements of the nineteen-sixties. In Europe, it evolved into popular political parties which are still viable today. In the United States, the Greens have formed many local grassroots action groups, as well as running Green candidates in local elections. The Chautauqua Greens was formed almost a decade ago. Although the group is no longer in existence, their principles affected us deeply. We originally decided to publish The Gobbler as a local almanac/newsletter shortly after our Greens group broke up. This publication was our way of introducing Green values to our local community. Now that we are publishing on the web, we hope to reach a wider audience. The basis of the Green philosophy is embodied in Ten Key Values which were developed by the American Green's Committees of Correspondence. The list below was refined by the Chautauqua Greens Regional Network: The Ten Key Values of the Chautauqua Greens I. ECOLOGICAL WISDOM We must operate human societies with the understanding that we are part of nature, living within the resource limits of the planet. II. GRASSROOTS DEMOCRACY We encourage the development of truly representative, responsive systems that allow and encourage individuals to control the decisions that affect their lives. III. PERSONAL & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY We advocate individual responsibility for healthy lifestyles, personal growth, social justice and an educational system that promotes these values. IV. NONVIOLENCE We must develop effective alternatives to our current patterns of violence, at all levels, from the family and the community to nations and the world. V. DECENTRALIZATION We nurture the flourishing of regionally based culture over the dominant monoculture through the restoration of power to individuals, institutions, communities and regions. VI. COMMUNITY BASED ECONOMICS We plan to develop new economic activities and institutions that allow us to use our resources in ways that are humane, ecological, self-sufficient and sustainable. VII. POST PATRIARCHAL VALUES We must replace the cultural climate of dominance and control with cooperation and a respect for feminine as well as masculine values. VIII. RESPECT FOR DIVERSITY We honor the diversity and free expression of cultural, ethnic racial, sexual, religious and spiritual individuality for all. IX. GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY We wish to be of assistance to other groups throughout the world by promoting these green values, thereby helping to reshape the global order. X. FUTURE FOCUS & SUSTAINABILITY We hope to inspire people to develop their own long range visions of a future that will enrich the quality of life rather than satisfy short term selfish interests.

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