Pre-Peak Oil Trimaran

SUBHEAD: Austal's new trimaran a monument to profligate habits of a Pre-Peak Oil world.  

By Brad Parsons on 9 September 2009 in HI Superferry Blogspot -

Image above: September 8, 2009 engines are installed in next-generation Austal trimaran. From
Austal brags about the 102 meter long trimaran's "fuel efficiency".

Fuel efficiency is all relative. This vessels would be truly fuel efficient if it was powered by 1 of these engines rather than 3. The comparison that Austal is making is that 3 is more fuel efficient than 4 engines, but 2 is too many. Just one of these engines burns about 1000 gallons of MDO per hour. Their standard propulsion on most of their HSV's is 2 of these engines for about 2000 gallons of MDO burned per hour. The 102M would burn about 3000 gallons of MDO per hour.

That's a little more than $9000 per hour at current MDO prices. The routes that these ships take around the world are usually more than an hour. They gotta have steady business to make it work. Even in Japan last year, a company didn't have enough business to justify it with just 2 of these comparable engines. The most telling part of this story that I noticed was that they are building this vessel without a known buyer? Is that true? This vessel is a monument to the profligate habits of a pre-peak oil world.

Austal's next-generation 102 m next generation high speed trimaran is moving steadily towards its February 2010 completion at the company's Western Australian shipyard.
It is currently available for purchase.

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'The unique three-engine layout of Austal’s next generation trimaran'.
Austal’s next generation 102-metre high speed trimaran has had its unique three-engine layout successfully installed... A monument to the profligate habits of a pre-peak oil world.


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