Kauai as Perserve America Site

SUBHHEAD: The US government wants to designate Kauai as a "Preserve America" site. Some of us don't believe we're even part of the United States. image above: Detail of accompanying poster stating "Kauai is not America, and never will be!" By Janos Samu (janossamu@earthlink.net) on 2 September 2009 Aloha mai kakou! On Wednesday, September 2nd at 11:45 a.m. at the Lihu`e Civic Center, Mo`ikehana Building Courtyard the County of Kaua`i along with NOAA will have a celebration trying to designate Kaua`i as a Preserve America site. Mazie Hirono, and others are planning the have a speech there. Jointly with some peace groups we have made plans to disrupt the ceremony and cover the area with the attached flyers. At the same time when the speeches start we will sing loudly the Hawai'i Pono'i so that the speeches cannot be heard. I will have at least 25 copies of the anthem printed so that everyone has one who does not know the anthem by heart. I have already notified District 2 and there will be citizens who participate from there. Since we are not going to make any statement in the the name of the Lawful Reinstated Hawaiian Government I was advised that no higher approval was needed for this action. Of course our officials, if present, may make statement as they see fit. So, Eileen, and everybody who receives this e-mail, please spread the word through your channels, and let's have a presence there. We will have our flags with us too. We must make it clear to the American officials that we don't want to be bulldozed into accepting their claim that Kaua`i is part of the American heritage. Will you join us? Can we count on you? If so, try to be there between 11:30 and 11:45 a.m. and it will be enough if we stay only for 30 minutes. Me ke aloha pumehana see also: September 2nd Liliokalani 2009 Jubilee 8/30/09

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The Governor and other high level officials recently came to Kauai to hold secret meetings on the Westside. They said that they cannot stop Dayne. The FBI has told them, and the DLNR, KPD, etc. to not bother Dayne and PKOA anymore. Dayne and PKOA now have standing in the World Court. Apparently their claims to land on the Westside may have foundation.

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