Taco Bell Green Menu

SUBHEAD: Taco Bell introduces new 100% unnatural "Green Menu". [Editor's Note: The link to The Onion had a "Coke Zero" ad up front that in context is as funny as the Taco Bell parody that is contained the actual content. Coke with zero calories is much like a the "green" taco with no natural ingredients.] Taco Bell's New Green Menu Takes No Ingredients From Nature Do You Know What Grade Of Beef Taco Bell Uses? Do They? Does Anyone? By Chris Walters on 8 May 2008, in Consumerist .com http://consumerist.com/388718/do-you-know-what-grade-of-beef-taco-bell-uses-do-they-does-anyone 050808-002-tacobell158.jpgA reader sent us the contents of a Better Business Bureau complaint filed against Taco Bell. It describes how a customer tried repeatedly to find out what grade beef Taco Bell uses in its food, and how nobody at the company was able or willing to provide an answer. Not surprisingly, the BBB complaint also went unanswered. Let's just hope they're not sourcing their beef from forklift cattle, which is like downer cattle but has odd prong-shaped bruises on the side. Here's the actual BBB complain that went unanswered by Taco Bell: "About 3 weeks ago I called their 800# asking what grade of beef they use. All they could tell me was USDA approved. I called 4 times and got the same, twice I left my # and was told a nutritionist would call me back....no call ever came. I next e-mailed corp with the same question. I was answered by a Sandy Shakelford telline me. I have located a phone number contact in which you can inquire about our meat. Taco Bell Corporation 949-863-4500 and ask for the QA Department. I called a total of three times first got a prompt telling me to put in MY voice mail # to get my messages. Next i was transferred to a recording telling of bad cheese both plain and mixed and to throw them out and call in for a credit. Third was disconnected. 4th I got a voice mailbox in the Quality control dept. I think his name was Steve...Again i left my question and # and again no call back. On Feb 27 I e mailed Sandy telling her what my phone experience was and had not got an answer to my question...That was 10 days ago and again no contact from Sandy nor Taco Bell. Side note the web sight says contact us call '1-800 TACO BELL' when its actually 800 TACO BEL....The company's resistance to answer my question tells me what I was told by a friend that worked there... that they use poor yet USDA approved beef could be true." see also: Island Breath: Dining at the Black Urch in Hilo 1/18/05

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