Save Wailua Beach Now!

SUBHEAD: Sign petitions and testify to preserve and protect Wailua Beach.
SOURCE: Brad Parsons (

Save Wailua "Alio" Beach Video

Wailua (Alio) Beach petition. Click below for details.

Preserve and Protect - Ka one kapu o Wailua Petition. Click below for details.
Mail written testimony immediately (by Monday, August 3, 2009) on bike path route over beach!

Click below for details.

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A. Russell said...

STOP NOW the unthinking plundering of not only our SACRED lands, but the harmonious BALANCE of Kaua'i's NATURAL habitat for not only we ( you and me) humans, but all living things, including plants, marine life ! What are you thinking! ! ! Is there no consciousness beyond the big bucki! !

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