Hawaii's Fake Statehood

SUBHEAD: We will be demonstrating simultaneously with Oahu and our other islands in a show of unity for Hawaii Independence. SOURCE: Nani Rogers (kealiagirl2004@yahoo.com) WHAT: Sign Holding and Demonstration against the State's Commemoration of Statehood.
image above: Sign near the Lihue Airport entry/exit.
From http://www.dotphoto.com/GuestViewImage.asp?AID=2649746&IID=86230702 WHEN AND WHERE:
Friday, August 21st
12:00 Noon: Airport Entrance Some of us will be at the airport passing out flyers while the rest of us will be holding signs and banners and chanting on the highway.
1:00: Move to Historic County Building on Rice Street. We will meet on the lawn for a picnic lunch.
1:30 to 3:30: Sign Holding at Historic County Building on Rice Street
4:00 pm: Airport Entrance
We return to the airport highway to hold signs from 4 till pau. WHY: Aloha kakou na Kanaka Maoli and Kanaka Maoli Allies, This is a call to action for your support! The Kauai Alliance for Peace and Justice and our allies invites you to please join us on August 21, 2009 for a sign-holding demonstration against the State's commemoration of Statehood. Why should anyone want to commemorate a lie? The State of Hawaii is a FAKE. We will be demonstrating simultaneously with Oahu and our other islands in a show of unity for Hawaii Independence and in strong protest against Hawaii's artificial Statehood. Please wear BLACK t-shirts and bring TI LEAVES to hold or wear.
BRING CAMERAS, MAKE SIGNS with any kind of message you want to say to the State whether is about the state employees jobs, the Alio Beach bike path, burial desecration by the State, just speak your mind!
Please bring your families, neighbors and friends. It will be a historical event and something our children can look back on and be proud of. Please respond with a quick note (to Nani Rogers, kealiagirl2004@yahoo.com) to let us know if you are able to join us anytime throughout the day.
Mahalo a me imua kakou! Please print and practice these chants:
I Ku Mau Mau
One person: I ku maumau!
Everyone: I ku wa!
One person: I ku maumau, I ku huluhul, I kalana wau!
Everyone: I ku wa!
One person: I ku lana wau!
Everyone: I ku wa!
Everyone: I ku wa huki, I ku wa kou, I ku wa`a mau, A mau ka iulu!
E huki e! Kulia!
E Ala E Ka Hiki E
E ala e Kahiki e!
E ala e Kahiki e!
E hume ka malo a ai ka ai
E hopu ka lima i ka hoe
A hoe a! (spoken)
CONTACT: Puanani Rogers Ho`okipa Network - Kauai Kapaa, Hi 96746 Polynesian Kingdom of Hawaii (808) 652-1249 Think KANAKA MAOLI......Think KU`OKO`A

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Anonymous said...

I don't know nuttin about this fake statehood thing. Maybe I should be educated on it. I just know that in spring of 1973 I came to Kauia with my tenor sax and stayed with Gary Adney at the duck farm in Sing Sing's house and played music most of the day with Solomon P. Rogers who was a GREAT guitar player, and his wife? made these little fried banana things for us to eat, and that he was a good man. paid our rent by cutting koa for pops batad's goats. John Russell, jr_rsi@frontiernet.net - I live in Idaho now, shiver city brrrrr! couple of kapaa girls here, koo-oo-ipo and leilani? prob. got their names wrong.....

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