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SUBHEAD: Local health and welfare pre-emption bill SB110 is the sneak attack by the GMO stooges in our state legislature.

By Brad Parsons on 3 February 2014 in Island Breath -

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Hawaii GMO Legislation Watch - SNEAK ATTACK - PREEMPTION

Aloha Petition Signers
Action Item as soon as possible.  A Hearing Notice went out 2 hours ago for a hearing on this tomorrow, Tuesday and needs quick testimony or sentiment against. See meeting details below.

  • Preemption bill in new clothing (from a legislative 'birdie')
  • New “County preemption bill” in disguise, - SB110, SD1,
  • Scheduled for hearing TOMORROW - Tues, 2/4 Agriculture Committee
  • This was formerly SB 3058. This is the sneak attack we've been expecting.
  • Need LOTS of emails and calls ASAP! Need Lots of testimony and sentiment against.
State Senators

State Represenetaivers 
Representative Dee Morikawa
House District 16
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 310
phone: 808-586-6280
fax: 808-586-6281

Representative James Tokioka
House District 15
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 322
phone: 808-586-6270
fax: 808-586-6271

Representative Derek Kawakami
House District 14
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 314
phone: 808-586-8435
fax: 808-586-8437

Senator Ron Kouchi
Senate District 8
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 206
phone: 808-586-6030
fax: 808-586-6031


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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Conference Room 229
State Capitol
415 South Beretania Street
Honolulu, Hawaii

SB 110
      Proposed SD1
      Status & Testimony
Proposed SD1:  Amends Hawaii’s Right to Farm Act to ensure that counties cannot enact laws, ordinances, or resolutions that limit the rights of farmers and ranchers to engage in modern farming and ranching practices. (SD1 Proposed) AGL.

SECTION 1. was all added into a previously empty bill:

SECTION 1.  Section 165-4, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended to read as follows:
     "§165-4  Right to farm.  No court, official, public servant, or public employee shall declare any farming operation a nuisance for any reason if the farming operation has been conducted in a manner consistent with generally accepted agricultural and management practices.

There shall be a rebuttable presumption that a farming operation does not constitute a nuisance.  The right of farmers and ranchers to engage in modern farming and ranching practices shall be forever guaranteed in this State.

No law, ordinance, or resolution of any unit of local government shall be enacted that abridges the right of farmers and ranchers to employ agricultural technology, modern livestock production, and ranching practices not prohibited by federal or state law, rules, or regulations."

     SECTION 2.  New statutory material is underscored.
     SECTION 3.  This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

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Ea O Ka Aina: Right to Farm Bill 1/26/14


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Anonymous said...

SB110 met an unlikely failure to move forward. Sen. Theilen, English, and Kouchi voted against it, so it did not get the 4 vote majority in committee needed to move on.

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