Hawaiian corporate power politics

SUBHEAD: It's obvious that our legislature is dealing with those whose only interest is in greed and power.

By Michael Shoolz on 21 February 2014 for Kauai Rising -

Image above: Cartoon by Nick Anderson on 4/11/13 for the Houston Chronicle originally showing the NRA controlling Congress. Mashup by Juan Wilson. Click to embiggen. From (http://thedailybanter.com/2013/04/the-senate-and-nra-consummate-their-sinister-marriage-live-on-cspan/).

Please let your voices be heard in OPPOSITION to Senate Bill  SB2777 and House Bill HB2467. These two companion bills are yet another in the long line of attempts to strip the counties of their rights to govern the health and well being of their land and people.

After the defeat of SM 110, and your strong opposition to SB 3058 and HB 2506,  Senator Nishihara stated that he would no longer be pushing this agenda in this legislative session. Yet here he is pushing another effort to do the very same thing.

As I stated in my letter ( see below) to the Senators it is clear that Senator Nishihara is no longer the one deciding which bills he will be pushing or not pushing. Those decisions are being made behind closed doors by folks who do not live here in Hawaii and do not care about whether decisions are made on the State level or the County level. They only care that it is they, behind the closed doors, that have the ultimate decision making authority, totally unaccountable to We the People.

Both of these bills would modify HRS 205 (governing agriculture) by removing words and adding the bold underlined words intended to strip the counties of their abilities to govern agriculture:

"(b) Within agricultural districts, uses [compatible to the activities] described in section 205‑2 [as determined by the commission] shall be permitted[;] without further limitations or restrictions;

It has become blatantly clear that there is someone in a dark room somewhere, behind closed doors, looking at every Hawaiian State Law for a few words here, or a few words there, that can be changed to strip the power further away from the counties and We the People, and then feeding those words to our elected officials to introduce as these bills. Note: click on the bill links to see status, schedule, as well as to add your testimony.

SB 2777 was introduced by Sens. DELA CRUZ, KIDANI, SOLOMON, Nishihara
HB 2467 was introduced by Reps.MATSUMOTO, AWANA, BROWER, ONISHI, WARD, Cachola

I'm sure these same names are beginning to look familiar to you. As election time rolls around we can keep them in mind.

       You can reach all of them by addressing your emails to:
 And on another matter.....WOW!!! What wonderful support you all showed for our Chocolate, Wine and Music fundraiser on Sunday evening!! We all had a ball!! And the feedback was that you did too!!  Dana Lyons was his typical wonderful and inspiring Troubadour for the Earth and its people. And the Malama Pono All Stars had us dancing in the aisles!!

The homemade organic chocolate treats along with the wonderful organic wine was a hit!! There were no leftovers!!

We were so inspired by the quality of commitment and consciousness that packed the house Sunday night! There is no doubt  that together we will create the environment and qualities of life embodied by our shared visions. There are so many gifts evident within this community and shared to generously with one another........Mahalo seems somehow inadequate.

Please know how bright, how inspiring, and how powerful you are, and what a powerful impact your voices are having!! Thank you.

Below is my letter to our legislator - particularly those who introduced HB2777.

February 21st 2014

Aloha Senators Dela Cruz, Kidani, Solomon, Nishihara, and Colleagues,
I find myself here writing with a sense of deep compassion for each of you.  As we all witness your participation in what is currently happening here in our state legislature, and throughout this country and the world, it has become so obvious that you are dealing with those whose only interest is in greed and power.
In SB 2777 you have introduced yet another in a long string of measures that clearly have nothing at all to do with supporting the well being of the people who elected you, or these islands which we all call home.

Senator Nishihara recently stated that he would not be pushing this agenda again in this legislative session. Obviously it is no longer him making the decisions about what he will, or will not be pushing. Those making the decisions about what will be "pushed" are in the dark, behind closed doors. Is it the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) along with the Chemical Companies, or is it whoever it is that tells them what to do?
Clearly someone is in that back room somewhere going through every Hawaiian State Law looking for a few words here, or a few words there that can be manipulated to further strip the powers away from the Counties of Hawaii, and then feeding that language to you, our elected officials and telling you what to do with it. 

You cannot be oblivious by now about the fact that these same forces are doing the same thing at the Federal Level to strip you of your powers as elected state officials. And yet you find yourself allowing yourself to be manipulated in this way.
I know that there is a place in your hearts where the Truth of this resides, and where it must be very uncomfortable knowing that what you are being asked to do has absolutely nothing to do with the health and well being of you, your families or your communities.

Ironically, SB 2777, addresses HRS 205 which, as it states, is intended to empower the State and each county shall ensure the long-term viability, and sustainability of agriculture.  It is clear that the intentions behind SB 2777 have absolutely nothing to do with maintaining the viability and sustainability of agriculture.
After watching you, our elected officials, be manipulated through SB 3058, and HB 2506, and SB 110, and SB111, and SB 727, and now SB 2777, it is so blatantly obvious that the only concern behind any of these efforts is to strip the power further and further away from We the People. It is a pure attempt at a "power grab" and nothing more.

You know the truth of this. And We the People know the truth of this. The times have changed. You are facing more powerful forces than any elected officials have had to face before. And yet that power is no match for the Light of the Truth that is being shined upon you and all of us now. The old ways are crumbling throughout the world just as they are here. This is a new time.

 What you are being asked to do is not complicated or difficult. In your hearts you know that this is not about what is grown here or not grown here, although those are serious issues. But what is before you now is about the Democratic process and it's ideals. Will you stand up for those ideals? Or will you allow yourself to be manipulated by those who could care less about you, your family and your island homes?
Those forces don't live here and they don't care about whether decisions are made at the state level or the county level. They only care that they are the ones who have the power to make the decisions themselves, just like they are deciding for you now, which bills will be introduced.

We the People includes you. You are not separate from us. What we are asking you to is to stand up, with us, against these forces, for the well being of all of us. We appreciate the challenging position that you are in. And we will stand in support of you as you represent us against these invasive forces.

Please vote NO against SB 2777, and it's companion HB 2467, as you support your people, your lands, and yourselves.

Blessings, Michael L. Shooltz
on behalf of Kauai Rising


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