Bill for Fukushima monitoring

SUBHEAD: Hawaii Senators introduce bill to require Fukushima radiation monitoring for at least next 5 years revealed to public.

By Juan Wilson on 9 February 2014 for Island Breath -

Image above: State workers monitoring radiation on beach in Hawaii. Still from KITV video article below.

A Hawaii State Senate Bill SB-3049 (click on link to testify) is currently under consideration. This bill would require the State Department of Health (DOH) to implement a pilot project to monitor radiation levels over the next five years and to post periodic reports on its website.

This is an obvious thing to do since the Federal government (NOAA, EPA, DOE, NRC, etc) are not revealing what has happened or will be happening regarding our health and safety in Hawaii due to the Fukushima Daiichi Disaster.Support this bill!

SB3049       (?)

Report Title: DOH; Pilot Project: Radiation Level; Appropriations ($)
Description: Requires DOH to implement a pilot project to monitor radiation levels over the next five years and to post periodic reports on its website.
Companion: HB2600
Current Referral: HTH/ENE, WAM
Introducer(s):GREEN, Ruderman

Sort by DateStatus Text
1/23/2014SPassed First Reading.
1/27/2014SReferred to HTH/ENE, WAM.
2/4/2014SThe committee(s) on HTH/ENE has scheduled a public hearing on 02-07-14 1:15PM in conference room 229.
2/7/2014SThe committee(s) on HTH deferred the measure until 02-12-14 1:00PM in conference room 229.
2/7/2014SThe committee(s) on ENE deferred the measure until 02-13-14 2:45PM in conference room 225.

S = Senate | H = House | D = Data Systems | $ = Appropriation measure | ConAm = Constitutional Amendment
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There were 25 written testimonies were submitted — 25 support bill, ZERO are opposed. Read the testimonies here (pdf)

State addresses radiation fears
By Catherine Cruz on 7 February 2014 for KITV News -

It has been almost three years since an earthqauke devastated Japan and crippled the Fukushima nuclear plant. But Hawaii lawmakers say they are still hearing from residents who fear some of the radiation will end up here in the islands. KITV-4's Catherine Cruz has the LATEST developments...

- Catherine Cruz, reporter:
Radiation fears have resurfaced and now residents are asking whether the state's doing enough to be sure there's nothing from Fukushima hitting our shores.

- Adrian Chang, retired nuclear engineer:
I just want to make sure what we consume is going to be safe," Adrian Chang is a retired pearl harbor nuclear engineer. He turned out to support a bill calling for radiation testing and voiced his concerns before members of a joint health and enviroment committee. State health officials assured that it has been monitoring our shores since before the earthquake. The testing happens quarterly on Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island.

- Jeff Eckard, Indoor and Radiological Health Branch, Department of Health:
"We have equipment that is so sensitive so we can detect it as miniscule levels that is far far below any public health concern.But the fact we can detect it throws fear into individuals as you are well aware," The state is also regularly testing our air,rain, milk and drinking water. And says levels of any radiation found in fish have been extremly low. But Senator Josh Green wonders if part of the problem is the lack of reliable information for the public.

- Hawaii State Senator Josh Green:
"I had a difficult time finding it and the lastest update was seven or eight months ago"

- Cruz
State health officials say, "Duly noted.".

- Eckert 
"We are still at normal background radiation levels. We are considering posting the results because of the requests we have been getting from the public. So that is something we are looking into,

- Green
"Sometimes fear is the greatest harm that we have. The impact of psychological concerns that persist if you cant get good answers can actually be more damaging than the tragedy itself," A similar bill introduced in the house was also heard today. The senate committee is to take a vote next week. Back to you.


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