"Right to Farm"

SUBHEAD: Kauai state reps sell us out to Big Ag with bill to supersede local laws supporting our communities.

By Linda Pascatore on 26 January 2014 in Island Breath

Image above: Cheeeze! The Kauai delegation to the Hawaii legislature. L to R are Sen Ron Kouchi, Representatives Dee Morikawa, Derek Kawakami, and James Tokioka. From (http://www.midweekkauai.com/when-rains-come-so-does-kokua/).

Two Bills were introduced Friday in the State Legislature http://thegardenisland.com/news/local/farming-forever/article_268fa3aa-8654-11e3-bf4d-0019bb2963f4.html).  They were sponsored by our local state representatives, Dee Morikawa, Koloa-Niihau, and James Tokioka, Koloa-Wailua. 

These bills would take away county authority to regulate agriculture, including pesticides.  It would supersede Kauai County ordinance 960 (formerly Bill 2491), which regulates pesticides and GMO crops.  It would also nullify the recently passed Big Island law which bans new genetically modified crops.

I am very disappointed in this attempt to overthrow the democratic process at the local, county level.  I urge you to contact your state representatives to let them know your stance on these issues.

Personally, I believe the local, county level is the only way for individuals to make a difference and effect any change in policy.  This new state law attempts to take away any local power we have, and put the control in the hands of state level people.

I can't help but believe that most politicians at the State or Federal level are bought and paid for by corporations who fund their elections.  It is possible for an aspiring politician to win at the county level with individual support and donations, but the state and federal elections are much to big to win without corporate money.

We should be able to pass local laws concerning public health issues, and protect ourselves from corporations which endanger our health and well being for profit.

So, let our representatives know how strongly we feel about this issue.  Write, call or email them!

Representative Dee Morikawa
House District 16
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 310
phone: 808-586-6280
fax: 808-586-6281

Representative James Tokioka
House District 15
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 322
phone: 808-586-6270
fax: 808-586-6271

Representative Derek Kawakami
House District 14
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 314
phone: 808-586-8435
fax: 808-586-8437

Senator Ron Kouchi
Senate District 8
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 206
phone: 808-586-6030
fax: 808-586-6031

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Anonymous said...

These legislative folks are violating HOME RULE. The state of Hawaii is one of 10 states which enjoys home rule where all decisions made at the country level are supposed to be honored and certainly not superseded by new legislation appearing to be in the interest of those promoting it. To violate home rule certainly $mells of very bad corruption.

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