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SUBHEAD: RIMPAC - MIRC - PMRF Whether you are a military cyberbot, an intelligence agency or Navy defense contractor you've been punked.

[Author's update 11/21/13: I guess they are listening. Not only did the Navy Network Information Center (in Lexington Park, Maryland) get punked by this story so did Lockheed Martins (Denver Colorado). Thanks for dropping by and hearing a bit of criticism.]

By Juan Wilson on 20 November 2013 for Island Breath -

Image above: Concept illustration from Legendary Pictures of battle between a US Navy Aircraft Carrier group and Godzilla. From (

I frequently check on who is reading our website through a service provided free from They list the ISP of visitors and tell when and which posts on our site that they visit. Yesterday we had several visits from the Navy Network Information Center.

This morning when I saw the NNIC was back on our site I typed "navy network information center" into Google (just to see what would pop-up this time) the top result (past a paid ad by the US Navy) was an article CrashWorthy: Navy Network Information Center. 

The author (AliMaui) appears to be the wife of a USN submariner who is stationed on the USS San Juan (SSN-751) is a Los Angeles Class nuclear submarine that carries 12 Tomahawk missiles with an assignment with Submarine Group TWO, North Atlantic, Groton, CT. AliMaui writes:
I have learned that NNIC shows up ANY time someone is accessing my blog (or anyone's site) from a Navy Controlled computer. Whether that be some admiral in Washington DC, a petty officer on the Enterprise, or a land locked recruiter at his computer in Kansas City, it will all show up the same. So conspiracy theorists, put your theories to rest. No one is stalking you...

... I am sure I have been flagged because I occasionally talk about our crazy navy life. Or perhaps the crazy women of the San Juan have started to ruffle more feathers than those of the BB housing office. Perhaps they are worried I am going to divulge national secrets amongst my my musings. No secrets to be had here. I think that is the one thing that I find most annoying...I can ask my husband a question that seams pretty innocent, but the lack of comment and the nasty look that follows indicates that information is not for my ears.
Well, AliMaui, you are not the only one of interest to someone through the NNIC, We also are visited by US Navy controlled computers. Every once in a while we post an article that tweaks the interest of the US military and its supporters. We first noticed this back in 2007 during our coverage of the Hawaii Superferry... particularly in articles that connected it to the Navy through John Lehman; CEO of the Superferry corporationa and Navy Secretary under President Reagan.

Other subjects have interested the NNIC as well. For example coverage RIMPAC Navel operations every two years; the expansion of Navy operations in Guam; the new nuclear aircraft carrier port on Jeju Island in South Korea; US Navy opeations on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean; and the creation of a Marianas Islands Range Complex (targeting Pagan Island and others).

This last item has created a fury of NNIC visits in recent days. See a partial list for yesterday (image below) monitoring such visits to the article "Help Save Mariana Islands (
Image above: Screenshot from StatCounter visitor monitor showing Navy Network Information Interest in post about the Mariana Islands. Click to enlarge.

The three Navy computers most active were in Honolulu, Pearl Harbor and San Diego. We have received so many hits from these specific ISP addresses that we have labeled them "Navy Spies". Note the earliest (bottom of list) visit from the Navy was through an encrypted search from the San Diego computer. The last search (top of the list) was not from the Navy, but from a private corporation named ManTech, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia. There were multiple visits from the Mantech ISP subsequently.

Recent @ManTech twitter feed:
ranked 5th on Friendly Employer list:
Wins $24 Million Option to Support Naval Air System Command - Congrats!

ManTech was founded in 1968 to provide advanced technological services to the United States government. We began with a single contract with the U.S. Navy to develop war-gaming models for the submarine community. Over the years, our government’s technology needs have increased dramatically in scope and sophistication, and we have grown to meet that challenge.

For more than 40 years, we kept a careful eye on where emerging technologies were taking the government, and we developed the resources to master those technologies—by staying close to our customers and anticipating their needs, hiring talented professionals to propel us into the future, and acquiring companies with proven capabilities.

Today, we are a $3 billion public company that provides the innovation, adaptability, and critical thinking our government needs for success in defense, intelligence, law enforcement, science, administration, and other fields—throughout the nation and in many countries throughout the world. We are now applying the lessons learned in the unforgiving arena of national security to help the private sector protect networks and critical information.
In other words; ManTech is a private information and technology corporation operated by the US Military - like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, ITT, Sandia Labs et al.

I continue to hold that the US Navy is the most destructive single organization threatening life on planet Earth. The world would be better off without nuclear weapons; nuclear power and the US Navy.

There is plenty of evidence that the US Navy has woken up to Peak Oil and Climate Change. In fact they have been early adopters. They are quickly moving to be energy independent throughout their operations and here on Kauai. They also see the need for local food production here on Kauai.

Unfortunately the US Navy mission ( is still:
The mission of the Navy is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.

Too bad they do not see the that their mission should be the protection of the health of oceans and shorelines of the islands and continents that border them. Certainly the list of dangers that cannot be "shot down or sunk" is far more threatening to America than the enemies the Navy is preparing for. They include:
  • Radiation contamination of the Pacific Ocean by the catastrophe at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Global Warming intensification of hurricanes and typhoons to heavily populated coastlines.
  • Acidification of the oceans and subsequent reef die-off from CO2 pollution by fossile fuel emmsissions.
  • Mammoth gyres of plastic litter that is mistaken for food by ocean fauna and also mimics organic material that interferes with Nature's chemistry.
  • "Strip Mining" of fish by dragging operations that have removed more than 90% of mega-fauna from the oceans.
  • Deep water drilling for petroleum that has destroyed the habitat of the Gulf of Mexico and now threatens the melting Acrtic Circle.
I suggest that the Navy take another look at its plans for RIMPAC 2014 scheduled for next summer and sill include several Pacific Rim nations in war game simulations with real depleted uranium wmunitions and brain shattering sonar affecting large ocean mammals.

Perhaps the RIMPAC members could think about turning from the Dark Side and joining Team Life.  If they can't they should simply save us some money and grief by cancelling the games.

Are you listening NNIC?


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