KIUC latest Smart Meter ploy

SUBHEAD: If you refused a KIUC Smart Meter because of concern for you health or privacy that now costs you $10.27 a month.

By Jonathan Jay on 17 November 2013 for P2P Kauai -

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Attention KIUC customers:  KIUC Man­age­ment has moved swiftly to imple­ment their re-occurring monthly $10.27 penalty fee to all per­sons who for pri­vacy or health con­cerns opted out of receiv­ing a new ʻsmartʻ meter:

Already the first wave of bills, has been sent out around the island with KIUC request­ing this addi­tional amount (due December 2nd), despite the fact that co-op mem­bers have chal­lenged the boardʻs action and are fol­low­ing due-process as is our right under bylaws to gain relief from this finan­cial penalty.

P2P urges you strongly to HOLD FAST, and DO NOT PAY this por­tion of your KIUC bill.  Instead, set it aside pend­ing the out­come of our upcom­ing mem­ber­ship vote.  Do not get mad — get even by orga­niz­ing with your neigh­bors to resist this finan­cial penalty, and win this vote!

In a real co-operative, we are all in it together.  Just as all other expenses that KIUC has in deliv­er­ing power to mem­bers, like all the util­ity poles that march across this island, this too should be shared.  Hawai­ians call this ʻlokahiʻ the spirit of unity and togeth­er­ness.  Together we will win!

Can't KIUC customers read their meters?

By Ed Wagner on 15 November 2013 in Island Breath - 

[IB Publisher's note: The following is part of a comment sent for PUC Chair Morita concerning meter reading.]

Image above: A KIUC bill with charge for not having Smart Meter ($10.27) due December 2nd 2013. From Jonathan Jay,

Dear Chairman Morita,

I accidentally hit the send button before finishing the message.

When I returned home today, I found the attached HECO form on my front door handle. I received one of these forms only once before.  It allows me to read the electric meter in the event that the meter can’t be read by a HECO employee. I simply read the meter and drop the postage paid form in the mail. It is addressed to Field Services Section ( CG ) of HECO.

This is such a simple, common sense, cost effective approach for KIUC customers opting out of smart meters to read the old meter themselves and mail in the results that I am appalled by the fact that the PUC chose to ignore this approach submitted under Transmittal # 2013-03 before a docket number was assigned, and side with the utility to rip off these customers by sending out an employee each month to read the meter.

Stop siding with the rich and powerful all the time and start siding with the people for a change. Your decision was completely unjustified and without merit, and should be overruled by the legislature immediately.


Ed Wagner
Mililani, Oahu, Hawaii

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