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SUBHEAD: Today Kauai Mayor Carvalho will present his veto to County Council. We will witness it with aloha.

By Staff of Pass the Bill Coalition in Island Breath -

Image above: Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho looking clever in meeting with Governor Neil Abercromblie. From (

We know that those committed to this movement are driven by love and aloha. 

We also know that it is a common tactic of companies and their representatives resisting social change to distract our attention from our goals of protecting what we love.  This is often done by planting "disruptors" and using fear-based "divide and conquer" messages that create false walls between our island's communities. 

So, just in case, we declare once again and reaffirm our commitment to action guided by aloha, and ask all Bill 2491 supporters to do the same.  We know you will. 

We will win together, as an island united, and for ALL of our island's children and the future of the aina.

In solidarity,

By Blake Drolsen on 6 November 2013 for GMO Free Kauai -

Just for your information, it seems that no bags are going to be allowed in the County meeting tomorrow, though not sure if that means handbags and backpacks or just paper and plastic bags like from the store.

Laptops, cameras, etc are not going to be allowed without prior press permission from county office.  County press release was just issued so I'm not sure how people were supposed to be able to get that permission in time for tomorrow's meeting.

Probably need some holding cars for people's bags, or else make sure you where something with big pockets for your stuff :)

Please let our people know.

By Yvette Sahut, Legislative Assisitant on 6 November 2013 for Kauai Couny Council
In light of the conduct of some members of the public that took place inside of the Council Chambers of the Historic County Building during the October 15, 2013 Special Council Meeting on second and final reading of Bill No. 2491, Draft 2, coupled with the increased tensions that have arisen since the Mayor’s veto of the bill, the Kauai County Council and Kauai Police Department will be taking extra precaution in ensuring the safety of our community at Thursday’s Special Council Meeting.

All members of the public, including all media personnel, will be screened by handheld metal detectors by the Kauai Police Department before being allowed entry into the Historic County Building, Council Chambers. Personal belongings, including bags, containers, food, and beverage containers (including water bottles), will not be allowed in the Council Chambers.

Anyone who does not comply with this policy will not be allowed into the Council Chambers.
Members of the media who need to bring a camera, laptop and/or other equipment will need to receive clearance from the Kauai Police Department and the Office of the County Clerk on these items before being allowed into the Council Chambers. Only media with verified credentials by the Office of the County Clerk will be provided accommodations inside of the Council Chambers.

The Kauai County Council appreciates everyone’s cooperation to ensure a productive and safe Special Council Meeting.

For more information, please contact Yvette Sahut, Legislative Assistant, at the Office of the County Clerk, 241-4821.

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