The New Game

SUBHEAD: We're past the fork in the road. Anything beyond will be made up from local efforts made by the people closest around you.

By Juan Wilson on 10 November 2013 for Island Breath - 

Image above: Is your head stuck in the sand on a small island. From (

We are now beyond the crossroads and heading down the wrong fork in the road with no way back. If you doubt that is true take your head out of the sand (or your ass) and look around. Do not listen to the mainstream media in your attempt to evaluate the situation.

The mainstream media will only blow smoke up your skirt… green smoke if your'e a progressive or environmentalist. They will do that or prattle on about the Kardashians or the latest mass shooting at a mall. They want to keep your attention away the degradation going on out past the edge of your view from the cul-de-sac.

Just a reminder; Coal baron and shale oil investor David Koch is on the board of Boston's Public Broadcasting System superstation WGBH, and CNN just aired (without debate) "Pandora's Promise" - a feature length documentary in support of maintaining and expanding the nuclear energy industry.

Who needs the Washington Post and Fox News to slant the news for you. The "liberal" media has taken the blue pill too.

What was it Neo said in the Matrix?
"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I'm offering is the truth – nothing more."
The Truth
The mounting problems humankind faces today are as destructively pervasive as they are because of our immense population. That population could only be supported by the relatively recent technologies we have developed  - They began with agriculture that led to industrialization that ended in financialization.  This last, "financialization" of our economy is the technique of borrowing against the future to enable resource utilization in the present at the cost of the long run. In simpler terms it's the equivalent of eating your seed corn. There won't be a next harvest.

The ramifications of supporting billions of people with large scale agriculture, industrialism and financialization are becoming clear. It looks like we have come to the productive end of that technological line of development.

The ox won't pull that plow anymore.  Many interlocking large scale systems are in the process of failing to return on investment. Only a dwindling percentage of humans are well off with secure futures. As a result, the 1% intends to "eat" the 99% - if it is required.

By "1%" I mean, the people running organizations playing the "Complex Game" that is supposedly providing us "the good life".

The teams include military-industrial complex; the big-ag chemical-gmo food complex; the coal-oil-gas-nuclear energy complex; the banking-credit-investment financial complex; the transportation-distribution-consumer complex; the suburban-construction- real estate sprawl complex; the media-entertainment-celebrity-political complex; etc.

The Complex Game
By their actions we are all in a web of self reinforcing negative unintended consequences. The 1% are making a mighty effort to keep us in line and the from knowledge of their failure to deliver the goods.  The imminent collapse of the Game was projected by the Club of Rome over forty years ago. The world could have acted then to minimize pain and damage. However that would have ended the "Complex Game".

So the Game stumbled on through the 1980's - characterized by Reagan's "Morning in America" showing demented denialism; the 1990's with Clinton's roll-out of  "Compassionate Conservatism"; the 2000's with Bush's "Axis of Evil" and FEMA failures, and now (and into the future) with Obama's Affordable Care Act and his "Secret Kill List".

We are now facing many interlocked unintended consequences. A partial list of unintended conesquences sorted by severity and immediacy might include the following:
1) Fukushima causing radioactive poisoning of the Pacific ocean, subsequently the northern hemisphere and ultimately the entire planet.

2) Global warming from CO2 emissions petroleum is causing runaway methane release and destroying habitats for all but simplest lifeforms.

3) Industrial over extraction of un-renewable resources destroying entire ecosystems (fracking, shale oil, mountaintop removal, etc.).

4) Pesticide and fertilizer dependent big-ag is growing GMO crops that are destroying soil microorganisms and poisoning livestock and humans.

5) Collapse of world finance and economic systems that provide the means of industrial production and means of exchanging products.

6) Disintegration of systems that include transportation, energy grid, communications, computer systems, high-tech manufacturing.
We need to act immediately to mitigate all of these unintended consequences of our actions.

The Simplification Game
The best case scenario is that you have been working for some time to prepare to support those around you with locally self-provided security, water, food, shelter, community, education, art, and spirituality. The gains you have made in those areas are the chips with which you will start the new "Game".

There is not time now to begin your own efforts to learn all you'll need to know for self reliance. As in football, the clock is running and there are only limited moves before the ball is snapped. Your play is beginning.

Know your strengths and weaknesses. You may not be able to grow a successful garden; but can provide trauma care. You may not be able to fish and hunt; but can keep machinery running. You may not have much money; but have land to share.

The point is, no one is going to do it all - especially in the face of the troubles at hand. At this moment it is more important to make links to others that see the challenge and want to cooperate together than to take those courses in permaculture and aquaculture next spring at KCC.

The Simplification Game has begone. The ball is in play and you need to deliver results sooner than later. If you have no skills or resources you may have to find a niche as an intern (indentured servitude). Some new kind of serfdom is likely to be the fate of many. And they'll be considered lucky considering the alternative.

Yes, we're talking about it getting medieval here.


The old SNAFU is becoming the new FUBAR. Those are WWII era acronyms  "Situation Normal All Fucked Up" and "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition". Any combination of the six unintended consequences listed above will bring our current world civilization to its knees in short order.

You will need new equipment, uniforms and strategies to get through the six areas of unintended consequences that arise through the periods  of the "Simplification Game". Some of those items you still have the time and the resources to acquire.

1) Fukushima Meltdowns
For example, the beginning of the first period will include getting through whatever happens next at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. To mitigate the effects of an errant plume of "hot" radioactive particles smoking off a pryophoric uranium fuel fire that might stray your way, consider equipping yourself with a geiger counter and adding to your uniform a Nuclear-Biologic-Chemical mask. Strategy will likely include finding long term alternatives to eating Pacific Ocean fish.

2) and 3) Global Warming - Resource Extraction
Throughout the second period its a defense game. A monumental reduction of extracting and burning all matter of stuff will be be required. You will need compensate by hunkering down. Get yourself in a spot on the field where you won't have to move very far or often to play your position. If you are not in a self-reliant rural village now you don't have much time to fix that. Without a million dollars you'll likely play the serf position.

4) and 5) Big Ag and Big Biz Collaspe
The third period is where sustainably growing and exchanging organic GMO-free food will put the points on the scoreboard. You might be on you own permaculture plot, part of a community garden effort, or even as a WWOOF (willing worker on organic farm). Whatever. At least you'll be eating good food and getting some exercise.

6) Information & Communication Failure
Through the final period there will be a breakdown in communication and systems that support coherent action. Even on a small island it will be hard to keep things in order or well understood. For a reasonable end-game strategy more equipment will be needed. At the hi-tech end it will be handy to have at least a small PV system (solar-panel, charge-controller, deep-cycle battery and inverter). Besides a light to read from at night I'd include at a hand-held ham radio, if you want to know what's going on beyond your immediate neighborhood. At a lower level of technology, to effect your winning play I suggest investing in a manual typewriter and access to a mimeograph machine.

The Spiritual Part
As I realized the cumulative effect of all of the unintended consequences of our actions, I have had to make ever deepening changes to my reasons for carrying on.  Priorities have been shifted. A new perspective on our mortality has been faced. Spiritual adjustments have been made.

I've concluded that doing what's right for the widest array of living things in my immediate area is the best I can hope to do in the time I have here. The richest widest variety in the smallest area is a good thing. There certainly seems that more than enough of the opposite is coming.

I must learn to accept stepping out of the Game when the coach sees I'm done.

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