Happy Thanksgiving Day 2013!

SUBHEAD: There is much to be thankful for. Who you share your meal with today is an important part of it, but where the food you share comes from is another.

By Juan Wilson on 28 November 2013 for Island Breath -

Image above: Kalamazoo wood burning stove, circa 1930, on our lanai in Hanapepe Valley. Photo by Juan wilson.

This has to be brief. Today I'm in charge of cooking the turkey. I have to go chop some wood before ten this morning so I can fire up our wood burning stove. Over a year ago we gave up our place on the mainland that had once been my mother's parents farmhouse. They were not farmers but retired school teachers. When they retired, in 1953, they returned to the small town of Panama, NY, where they had met a half century before.

The wood burning stove had been my grandmother's and was used in the house until about 1980. The last turkey I cooked in it was in 1979. We moved the stove to Kauai when we sold the old farm. It's a 1930 Kalamzoo.

My plan is to cook the 14 pound bird for 6-7 hours at an average of 300ºf. Best of luck with your celebration.  Now on to the chores.

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