My "Smart Meter" Deferral

SUBHEAD: I sent the deferral form and this letter to KIUC, the PUC, the County Council and our Mayor.  

By Juan Wilson on 26 April 2012 for Island Breath -

Image above: "Refuse Smart Meter" poster. From (

Aloha KIUC, As per your instructions I am emailing you a completed copy of the PDF form you have provided regarding the deferral of an installation of advanced metering (or "Smart Meter") on my property. I request that you not only defer installation but do not ever install a "Smart Meter" on my property without my express written permission. You have no permission to trespass on my property. Please note that I think your form is defective in a number of ways.
  1. The form specifically addressed only KIUC members. I am a customer and not a member.
  2. It assumes I own the property on which I am a member/customer of KIUC.
  3. The form does not allow members/customers to express their intent that in fact they do not want a "Smart Meter" ever installed on their home/business. In essence it only allows for an agreement of a temporary deferral with the threat of additional costs (penalties) for continuing with the status quo.
  4. The form implies that by checking the box labelled "I wish to defer installation of advanced metering at my home/business" that I agree that sometime in the future KIUC has that right. You don't.
As a "customer" I actually have different rights on issues regarding KIUC's rules and restrictions than "members" - for example - I can purchase power from another provider than KIUC if I so choose. Members are restricted from this. "Smart Meters" are surveillance devices. As a customer I insist that:
  1. KIUC has no right to put a surveillance device on my property to gather personal information on activities on my property. You have the right to know how much energy I am using - not what I am using it for.
  2. KIUC has no right to sell or share information about my personal activities on my property with private corporations or institutions.
  3. KIUC has no right to share my personal information with government agencies - military, intelligence, federal, state or county.
As a customer I state that KIUC is endangering me by planning to place a an unsecured radio transmitting surveillance device on my home. Such a device would be capable of determining makes, models and usage of appliances and whether or not I am home. Such a device may be "hacked" by third parties such as:
  1. Criminals seeking patterns of owner presence and interest in what appliances are on my property.
  2. Unauthorized police "tapping" of activities in home or on property.
  3. Secret intelligence gathering by government or corporate interests.
I refuse to have KIUC place an advanced metering device on my home without my permission. If you do so I claim the right to have KIUC terminate its service to my property and remove all its equipment, including the meter and all cabling along my 200 foot driveway and back to the public right-of-way of Akea Road.

I request that if you find the attached form "invalid" for any reason, that you contact me so that I can amend the form in a timely way in order to defer a "Smart Meter" installation. I can either mail or email a corrected form within an hour of receiving a message from you. Mahalo you for attention to this matter. Note that I am sending you a paper copy of this attachment as a backup for your records via USPS.
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Mauibrad said...

Right on, Juan. You are correct.

Wolf Windshadow said...

but remember your agreement that they can enter the property to upgrade/maintain.... they can ALWAYS disconnect you at the pole on the street, like they did to one person I know.

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