Nuclear silos for the 1%

SUBHEAD: Super-Rich plan to survive apocalypse in underground luxury silos. What a place to be buried.  

By Khadeeja Safdar on 11 April 2012 for Huffington Post - 

Image above: Lowest floors of silo condominium as well as common spaces, exercise spaces and utility areas. From original article.
Most people have too much on their plates to worry about what will happen when the world ends.
But then there are those who have too much money not to.

Four buyers have already spent about $7 million on luxurious doomsday-safe condos built in a Cold War-era missile shaft below a Kansas prairie, according to the AFP. The cylindrical underground building not only includes condo space, but its developer is also adding an indoor farm, pool, movie theater, a stockpile of five years worth of dry food, and space for a medical center and school, the AFP reports.

Image above: Plan of one of one of seven individual condo residential floors. Hope that elevator and air filtration system keep working. From original article.

Its inhabitants should be well protected. The condo building, which extends 174 feet underground, hosts concrete walls that are nine feet thick, according to The Daily Mail. The shape of a silo, Forbes adds, also makes it an even more ideal hiding place.

Although the world survived the Y2K fear of 1999, the shelter buyers may be preparing for another predicted apocalypse that is fast approaching. For believers of the Mayan calendar, about eight months remain before the world is supposed to end.

Image above: Perspective rendering of windowless kitchen, dining, den area of condo. Note obligatory synthetic granite tops, stainless steel appliances and flush-overlay wood cabinets. From original article.

But fancy doomsday shelters aren't the only luxurious toys the super-rich have been investing in recently. Some have built emergency rooms in their own homes that cost up to $1 million. While others have bought submarines to reach the deepest place in the ocean.


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Think what a great disappointment it will be to them when it doesn't happen. Bettejo

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