Reverse Globalization

SUBHEAD: Recent and past interviews with David Holgren, a cofounder of the permaculture movement.  

By Karen Rybold-Chin on 17 Alril 2012 for the Nation - 

Image above: Detroit, unexpectedly, leads the way into sustainable urban farming. From (

 In this video from The Nation and On The Earth Productions, ecologist David Holmgren traces the path of permaculture from its roots in the 1970s to its potential, in the future, to reshape how humans interact with the planet. He explains how its premise—working with nature rather than against it—will help us adapt to and survive in a resource-scarce world.

Video above: 2012 interview with David Holgren with the Nation. From (

The following three part interview was conducted in 2005, well before the financial crisis in 2008.

Video above: 2005 Interview with David Holmgren - Part 1. From (

Video above: 2005 Interview with David Holmgren - Part 2. From (

Video above: Interview with David Holmgren - Part 3. From (


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