KCC Beekeeping Courses

SUBHEAD: Apiary Courses offered in April and May at Kauai Community College. By Jimmy Trujillo on 24 March 2012 in Island Breath - (jtrujill@hawaii.edu) Image above: Bee hive that took over an outdoor 10" speaker enclosure, at the editor's home in Hanapepe Valley, and was rescued by Jimmy Trujillo and friends. In all over 1500 healthy bees and several young queens-to-be were saved from acid rock. Photo by Juan Wilson. WHAT and WHEN: Beginner: Intro to Beekeeping: Seven hour course, over two Saturdays: April 14, 9am to 12pm, and April 21, 9am to 1pm The cost is $45.00 [Editor's Note: I took this course last fall, and highly recommend it. It presents the basics of beekeeping in an interesting way, and gives supervised hands on experience in a bee suit with the KCC hives.] Intermediate: Apiary Development -- Building up your apiary Swarm Traps, Swarm Collection & Removal, Hive Splits Twelve hour course, over 3 Saturdays, April 21, 2pm to 6pm; April 28, 1pm to 5pm; May 5, 1pm to 5pm. The cost is $75.00 Intermediate: Apiary Management: Products from the Hive Honey Harvest and Wax Melting Process Ten hour course over two Saturdays: May 12, 12pm to 6pm, May 19 1pm to 5pm The cost is $65.00 WHERE: All courses will be offered at the Bee Lab and TECH room 114, Kauai Community College Information: To register call the Office of Continuing Education (OCET) at 245-8318. For more information contact Jimmy Trujillo at 346-7725. See also: Ea O Ka Aina: Kauai Beekeepers Association 3/12/09 .

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Valencia said...

The article written by Gail Tverberg is sadly so depressing. I cannot agree and my spirit cannot subscribe to such negative views and solutions. This is fact to me: We already have EVERYTHING we need to have a loving and sustainable planet. We have technology even now that can cure every cancer and heal every need - including transportation needs and feeding every human on earth. "All we need is love" is an apt song for all time. Through love we are even now tipping the scales that have too long been weighed down by greed and immature, self-centeredness. I do NOT subscribe to the premise that humanity is BAD. We are un-evolved and deceived by the mass hallucination of evil behavior justified by scarcity propaganda. That is changing. I am a part of that change. I will continue to cultivate a LOVE vibration and act in accordance with LOVE and KNOW that this behavior is contagious.

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