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SUBHEAD: What might the people of Kauai do to build a better energy cooperative? By Jonathan Jay on 21 April 2012 for P2PKauai - ( Image above: An overloaded electric strip. From ( There is a rising desire for real change to begin at KIUC! During the recent election, i kept a running list of things said by frustrated Members of KIUC, and the greater Kaua`i Community. These are some of the desired changes I heard articulated. If you donʻt see what you want from KIUC - add your comments. Read down this evolving ‘To Do’ list, reflect and ponder — which are the most critical? What is a sound strategy for passing each of these reforms? What things can members of the community do to help the directors be more successful in making these changes? Is there any thing on this list you disagree with? Your feed back to the above questions is vital in helping these changes become addressed & adopted by the board. Please help us help the directors get it right for Kaua‘i. Through your efforts and others, our community can become a mighty force for change on Kauaʻi. IMUA! Next KIUC BOD Monthly Meeting: Tuesday, April 24, 2012, Courtyard by Marriott Kauai at Coconut Beach, Chartroom 3:00 p.m.
  • Expand assis tance to eco nom i cally vul ner a ble households
  • Cre ate Con ser va tion & Effi ciency Teams to bring bills down
  • Intro duce steeply tiered rates to reward con ser va tion w/savings
  • Offer In Home Dis play “Dash boards” to all. Infor ma tion = Power!
  • Goal of solar hot-water on >90% of all roofs within decade
  • Pass sav ings to Mem bers by reduc ing extrav a gant overhead
  • more ideas?
  • Get new Legal Coun cil that sup ports coop er a tive action
  • Cre ate & Hire a new Coop er a tive Involve ment Department
  • Offer incen tives to vote — Goal: dou ble the turnout in 5 years
  • Recom mit to demo c ra tic pol icy of One Per son, One Vote
  • Expand mem ber ship — offer to all adult Kaua‘i residents
  • Invest in Smart Mem bers — edu ca tion to engage in coop process
  • Safe guard fair debate w/ Co-op resources in Spe cial Elections
  • Get new CEO & Pres i dent that under stands & sup ports coops
  • your ideas?
  • Work with, not against the mem ber ship and community
  • Do not acti vate the already installed meters of those who wish
  • Pro vide a sim ple, easy, no-cost way for mem bers to Opt-OUT
  • Pro vide a WIRED meter option for mem bers to Opt-IN
  • De-couple In Home Dis play from Smart meter for those who wish
  • more ideas?
  • Make the 7 Co-operative prin ci ples bind ing on KIUC policy
  • Revise pol icy 1 — expand trans parency to community
  • Revise pol icy 16 — pro vide com plete min utes for BOD committee
  • Make online video record ing of All BOD meet ings for review
  • Roll-call for all votes, on-line avail able for review
  • Revise pol icy 18 — fur ther expand directorʻs abil ity to speak freely
  • your ideas?
  • New Energy Reduc tion Pol icy: Make Less & Reduce Use
  • Goal: reduce typ i cal peak load to below 50 Mw
  • New busi ness model to fos ter the right-sizing of KIUC
  • Keep max i mum energy $ʻs on-island & inside local economy
  • Include cre ation of living-wage energy jobs on-island
  • Increase strate gic coop er a tion w/County to cre ate more savings
  • Goal: 100% sus tain able local energy pro duc tion before 2030
  • more ideas?

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