Another Lap Around the Sun

SUBHEAD: This time we are going to try and sustain writing for this blog site.
By Juan Wilson  on 16 February 2023 -

Like a year ago, I thought I'd be back on a daily, or at least "frequent" schedule of writing article for this website. This time there should be lass to distract me from getting more articles done.

 This will take a bit of effort not only to write, but more importantly, to properly post and make available online as it was in the past. This means getting familiar with different software and  protocols that has changed since we were last posting articles regularly. 

In the recent past we had to abandon the Apple platform and the software we used to generate content on this website. It was immediately much more difficult and time consuming to write, edit, upload and publish articles. 

Recently we have abandoned the Apple computer platform (but not the iPod and iPhone). Most of my effort recently has been on landscaping, home maintenance and small scale farming. This week it took me two days to trim off four medium (6"x15') size branches on two haole koa trees.That entailed  dropping the branches from atop a ladder using  an 8' pole saw. Yes it is dangerous and a bit difficult for a guy 77 years old. In the past such

We will see if it is possible for this old man to have a foot in both worlds (Windows, and Apple). So far it seems lumpy and uncomfortable... wish me luck.

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