Good news for Mahaulepu ecosystem

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SUBHEAD: Friends of Mahaulepu have gained standing in case against Hawaii Dairy Farm.

By By Bridget Hammerquist on 3 December 2016 in Island Breath -

Image above:  Dramatic view from Mahaulepu shoreline hike with the Sierra Club. Photo by Juan Wilson.

Friends of Mhaulpe (FOM) was interviewed for coverage tonight by both KGMB-Hawaii News Now and KITV. Apparently we are going to be covered several time this evening and here's why:

Judge Kobayashi finally issued her ruling, an Order on the Summary Judgement Motions that were argued 9/12/2016. As you may recall, each of the Defendants (Ulupono Initiative, Hawaii Dairy Farms and Grove Farm's Mahaulepu Farms LLC) filed a Summary Judgement Motion seeking a Court Order to Dismiss FOM's Clean Water Act Complaint on the ground that FOM had no standing to file such a claim.

Judge Kobayashi denied the Defendants' Motion and found that Friends of Maha'ulepu does have standing and our Clean Water Act Case was validly filed.

FOM filed its Summary Judgement Motion on the ground that the evidence of Clean Water Act Violations is sufficiently clear that the court could make findings of fact in favor of FOM by way of  Summary Judgement, saving the need to prove those facts at trial. In fact, the Judge did just that.

Attached is a copy of FOM's Press Release with a link to Judge Kobayashi's Order/Decision. Watch for us on TV tonight. For those who are unable to view it, we will try to capture a link and forward it in our next hui news letter.

We will be going to trial but the issues to be proven are limited to the likely discharge as a result of their violations and the damages. The Judge found for us on three quarters of our complaint.

Thanks to all of our generous supporters who have funded this effort. Our attorneys did an exceptional job. Any donations you can make between now and the end of the year will make certain we are adequately funded (see GoFundMe/Mahaulepu link) for the upcoming trial, attorney fees and expert witness fees and costs.

Bridget Hammerquist
Friends of Mahaulepu
P.O. Box: 1654
Koloa, HI 96756

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