Mahaulepu Dairy Farm draft EIS

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SUBHEAD: The contents of HDF's draft willbe released to the public 0n 8 June 2016.

By Bridget Hammerquist on 26 May 2016 for Friends of Mahauelepu

Image above: Arial view of Mahaulepu Valley. In foreground is the stunning shoreline. Behind it the area of the proposed industrial dairy farm. From (

On 26 May 2016, HDF (Hawaii Dairy Farm) filed its Draft EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) for their proposed industrial dairy operation in Mahaulepu Valley.  The contents of HDF's draft will not be released to the public until June 8, 2016.  It will then be posted on DOH's (Department of Health's) website and will be sent to all who receive the DOH Environmental Newsletter.

It is hard to believe that any responsible farming operation would propose to add tons of bacteria laden manure, when the water quality testing run at Mahaulepu Beach and in the stream, on water that drains from the proposed farm property, has shown chronic, persistent pollution with high fecal bacteria counts from March, 2014 to the present.

These high bacteria counts and elevations in nitrates have been confirmed by multiple sources over the past two years: DOH, Honolulu Lab, USGS (US Geographical Service) and Surfrider Kauai's Blue Water Task Force.

In complete disregard for the risks to our drinking water and the recreational waters of Maha'ulepu Beach, HDF insists on proceeding even though the current source of pollution is unknown.

As many of you know, FOM (Friends of Mahaulepu) conducted its own site inspection on March 29 & 30 of 2016.  Our experts are finalizing their site inspection report.  Their findings will soon be made available to HDF and the public.  Thus far we have been told they are very confident that the information obtained establishes that Maha'ulepu Valley is not a safe location for any operation dealing with large amounts of manure.

FOM will hold public meetings to assist individuals who want to file a response to HDF's Draft EIS.  All responses will be due within 45 days of the June 8, 2016 public release.

For those who weren't able to attend, the YouTube link that follows shares the island wide meetings which recently occurred.  You may want to hear the comments of guest speaker Paul Cienfuegos who discussed community rights ordinances that have successfully banned harmful corporate operations in over 200 communities throughout the U.S.

Video above: We Love Kuai"presentation by Paul Cienfuegos. From (

Video above: Full Presentation of "We Love Kauai" by Friends of Mahaulepu. From (

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