The Uprising on Molokai

SUBHEAD: A meeting on What’s Happening to the Health of the People, Keiki and Aina of Molokai?

By Staff on 30 November 2013 for Shaka Movement -

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A meeting and presentation on Maui to discuss GMOs on Molokai

Wednesday, December 4th 2013 at 7:00pm

Paia Community Center
Maui, Hawaii

Presentation by Walter Ritte and Mercy Ritte

Uncle Walter Ritte will share his wisdom and observations about how Monsanto’s massive GMO seed production on the island of Moloka‘i is affecting the health of its people and its environment.  He speaks from a lifetime of service and activism helping to protect the people and ‘aina of Hawai‘i.

Mercy Ritte, his daughter-in-law, will speak about her organizing other moms and organizations to educate and protect themselves from the chemicals and poisonous fugitive dust issues not only on Moloka‘i but the other islands as well.

A Short General Meeting of Shaka Movement will follow presentation followed by break-out groups into sectors.

Walter Ritte Bio:
  • A leader in banning GMO taro in the state of Hawaii.
  • A leader in stopping the bombing of Kahoolawe.
  • A leader in stopping ramped tourist development on Molokai.
  • A leader in the anti GMO movement in Hawaii.
Mercy Ritte Bio:
  • Founder of “Molokai Mom on a Mission”
  • Founder of “The MOM Hui”
Mercy Ritte, the daughter-in-law of Walter, will speak about her child getting sick from fugitive pesticide dust from GMO fields on the island of Molokai.  Her passion led her to start “Molokai Mom on a Mission” and then later “The MOM Hui”, a support group to empower and encourage other moms to connect with their community and educate others on environmental and human health issues with GMOs/pesticides being the current focus.  There are MOM Hui reps on Kauai, Maui, Oahu and Kona.  We will watch her mini-documentary on what one mom can do to make a difference.

SHAKA message:
Please spread the word about this meeting. There is a lot for all of us to learn about GMO farming practices and their effects on our health, ecosystems and future. There’s a lot to learn about our rights and how we can peacefully and effectively assert them. Coming together on this issue is crucial for success.

In the meantime, please visit and see what peaks your interest. Even if you only have 15 minutes per day, the website is a place for you to be able to educate yourself and your family. Spread the word to friends and community. Ask them to learn about GMOs and show them how they can make a difference. There are many areas and many ways for everyone to plug in.


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