Farm / Ranch Land for Hawaiians

SUBHEAD: Kekaha Hawaiian Homestead Association hosts informational meeting Monday, January 28.

By Kawai Warren & Phoebe Eng on 24 January for Island Breath - 

[IB Publisher's note: Please pass this information on to those you know of Hawaiian heritage. This may be a unique opportunity. There are also many roles to play for non-Hawaiians in starting sustainable community models within this project.]

Image above: Fields divided by trail running along the ridge between Opelu and Waiawa ahupuaa. Photo by Juan Wilson.

West Kauai Hawaiian Beneficiaries and Wait List Applicants!

Do you want land for Farming and Ranching?

Do you want farming or ranching land on Hawaiian Home Lands at Puu Opae (mauka of Kekaha)?

Do you want a job or income in sustainable agriculture without putting poison in the ground?

Do you want your children and families to be healthier and eat better food?

Do you want to learn how to grow food in ways that malama aina and respect our water

If your answer is YES to any of these, come to:

Kekaha Hawaiian Homestead Association's Dinner and Information Session:

Date: Monday, January 28
Time: 6 pm
Place: A Special Party Tent at Kekaha Neighborhood Center Pavilions.

Kekaha Hawaiian Homestead Association (it's President is Kawai Warren) has been working hard for many years to bring you this opportunity.  After much hard work by KHHA Board, west Kauai homesteaders and friends, Kekaha Hawaiiian Homestead Association has received support from our Hawaii state land trustee to develop this project for you and your families.  We all worked hard to do this project with love in our hearts, and with pono, honest, respectful behavior.  Everyone worked as volunteers, with no self interest or self gain, to bring you this opportunity to malama aina.

The Puu Opae project will give you a chance to be on Puu Opae home lands and malama aina through growing healthy foods for our families.  It will also be an education and training project to ensure we have the skills to malama Puu Opae and help our future generations.

For more information, call (808) 639-2731 to contact KHHA with your questions.   


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