End Agland CPR now!

SOURCE: Ken Taylor (taylork021@hawaii.rr.com)
SUBHEAD: The primary crop found on Kaua‘i’s CPR ag lands are single family dwellings.

By Lonnie Syloa on 6 January 2013 in the Garden Island -

Image above: This agland was converted to Kealia Kai - luxury estates. This house was auctioned in 2010 for $3.2million with bidders from the US, England and Dubai. From (http://content.uniquehomes.com/2010/06/unique-properties-4/).

The end of gentleman’s CPR estates near Kealia Beach is a welcome development. Kaua‘i is the only county in Hawai‘i in which the mayors, councils, and county attorneys historically supported and still support the concept of avoiding state and county ag lands and sub-division controls through the use of CPR.

The state and the other counties historically do not support ag CPR regimes, and in fact view them as inappropriate for ag lands. There is no issue with ag CPR in the other counties because their land use and permitting policies eliminate the benefits Kauai’s politicians afford for ag CPR land division and development.

CPR can not legally be used for raw land, thus Kaua‘i allows minuscule “farm tool sheds” or perhaps a farm dog house to qualify for the building improvements required to create a condo regime. This county also facilitates creating CPRs by historically failing to ensure CPR owners actually have the functioning legal association required and actually perform their legal obligations as a condominium. CPRs increase ag land values and population density, without contributing to the social costs incurred in the same manner that sub-division would require.

The primary crop found on Kaua‘i’s CPR ag lands are single family dwellings. The largest crop harvested is the future value of a rural estate. The increase in property value is a much greater profit incentive than selling ag products. One questions how a commercial activity — the CPR — can be held as an appropriate ag activity.

One also questions what public advantage is gained by sub-dividing ag lands by CPR, rather than by the sub-division regulations currently in place.

Imua Kaua‘i — end ag CPRs now. All it takes is the political will.


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