Pro Big Wind signs come down

SUBHEAD: After Larry Ellison buys Lanai pro Big Wind signs have come down from public spaces. By Sophie Cocke on 23 July 2012 for Civil Beat - ( Image above: Pro Big Wind sign that had been on Lanai auditorium. From original article.

For months, it's been a battle of the Big Wind signs on Lanai. Both pro and anti wind farm factions have draped banners on buildings and placed signs in front yards that read, "No Windmills on Lanai!" or "Wind Power - To Keep Lanai Green."

But now that the island has a new owner, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, most of the pro-wind signs have come down, according to local residents.

"The ones that remain are the ones people have put on their personal property — their homes and fences," said Butch Gima, president of Lanaians for Sensible Growth, a community advocacy organization that opposes the wind farm. "The public ones have been taken down."...

(more at Civil Beat)

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