Doom & Gloom

SUBHEAD: In any case go on with plans for sustainability in as rich a living environment as you can muster.

 By Juan Wilson on 17 July 2012 for Island Breath - 

Image above: Illustration of the Earth as the Moon. From (

You've seen the TITLE and you may have read the SUBHEAD. If they disturb you too much read no further. In fact I suggest, instead, you check out for "Molson Beer Makes Plantable Drink Coasters: Drink Up" (

Okay. You're still with me. In the last couple of days I've read three stories on our situation regarding Climate Change due to Global Warming.

The conclusion - It's too late to do much about anthropogenic CO2 emissions. The negative feedback loops are in place and accelerating. More are coming.

Global Warming is out of our hands. I have put previews and links to the three articles below. It looks like we humans have proven to be incapable of solving a problem of this scale that runs counter to our individual selfishness.

Like Thelma and Louise, we'll go over the cliff with our foot on the gas peddle. That's not to say there is nothing we can do as individuals, or in small groups to lessen suffering and brighten each others days.

We can shelter what we can where we are. There continue to be moist, shaded places even in the harshest deserts. You may turn out to be in what will be a climatic oasis. Who knows? In any case I suggest carrying on with plans for self reliance and sustainability in as rich a living environment as you muster. But you better get going now.

No waiting for that graduation from law school or that retirement five years from now. It will take you that long to master running your food garden and chicken coops. Don't forget honing those hunting skills and sharpening your hand tool craft. You'll need 'em.

By Guy McPherson on 16 July 2012 for Nature bats Last - (  

Climate chaos is only a small part of the big story, though it is among the phenomena poised to cause our extinction within a single human generation. In addition to triggering climate chaos, we’ve initiated the Sixth Great Extinction, and we revel in its acceleration as one more sign of progress. Furthermore, we continue to ratchet up the madness of human-population overshoot on an overpopulated, overheated, increasingly depauperate planet. Environmental degradation proceeds apace as we gleefully trade in living soil for smart phones, clean air for fast computers, potable water for high-definition televisions, healthy food for industrial poison, contentment for exhilaration, decent human communities for hierarchical death camps, and life for death.  

By Glen Barry on 16 July 2012 for Counter Currents - ( 

Earth’s biosphere — the thin mantle of life from underground to the top of the atmosphere, which self-regulates the Earth System to keep it habitable — is collapsing. Ecological science knows this with certainty — in disciplines including planetary boundaries, limits to growth, global change and ecology. If nothing is done, massive social and ecological collapse is imminent, and the end of biological being is possible. Earth is burning and the human family is essentially doing nothing. (but fanning the flames - IB editor)

Article Three  HOPE IS FOR THE LAZY 

By Robert Jenson on 9 July 2012 for The Energy Bulletin -  (  

Our world is not broken, it is dead. We are alive, if we choose to be, but the hierarchical systems of exploitation that structure the world in which we live -- patriarchy, capitalism, nationalism, white supremacy, and the industrial model -- all are dead. It’s not just that they cannot be reformed, but that they cannot, and should not, be revived. The death-worship at the heart of those ideologies is exhausting us and the world, and the systems are running down. That means we have to create new systems, and in that monumental task, the odds are against us. What we need is not naïve hope but whatever it is that lies beyond naiveté, beyond hope.


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