Kauai Radiation in Perspective

SUBHEAD: Comparison of high background radiation on Kauai with readings while traveling by jet.

By Victor Cloutier on 12 July 2011 for Hawaiian Environmental Awareness -

Image above: From (http://knowledge.allianz.com/?1458/radiation-threat-nuclear-fallout-harmful).

I'm back on Kauai after three weeks of planes, trains, and automobiles... with a geiger meter in hand. Plane results... at 32,000 feet about 200 CPM average; 35,000 feet 440 CPM average; 38,000 feet over 500 CPM; and finally on one flight HNL-Vancouver our nice pilot brought us to 44,000 feet, 700 CPM average with some periods at over 800 CPM. This radiation is not from isotopes, but from being so high in the atmosphere that the ozone doesn't protect us.

Now, times about 20 hours in the air, I think I maxed out my yearly maximum. Anyone have the calculation chart for yearly maximum "safe" exposure? I wonder, though, why aren't pilots and air stewards getting cancer more often. In towns and cities where I traveled, some had levels of about 6-8 CPM, some about 10 CPM, many at about 11-13 CPM (typical level on my counter here on Kauai).

So looks like there are some lower zones than Kauai. In all, except for plane rides, nothing alarming popped up. I'm gonna look at hooking up to radiationnetwork,com website.

[IB Editor's note: Prolonged exposure to low level radiation can be a greater health hazard than short bursts of high doses.]

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What have you observed the past few weeks? Have you seen spikes when it rains?

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