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SUBHEAD: That seems the position of the Democrat and Republican bases. Perhaps that's the way out.

By Juan Wilson on 17 July 2011 for Island Breath - 

Image above: Another war for "freedom". Burned out cars in Misrata, Libya, in April 2011. One way to de-industrialize. From (

The last two articles we have posted on our site tell much of the same story, but from two widely separated angles - in short - that the planet is dying in our hands and needs release from our clutches. One post "End of the lie" was written by a teenage girl discovering herself, and posted on Guy McPherson's website Nature Bats Last.

The other, "You can't kill a planet and live on it too" on, was co-authored by Derrick Jenson - a middle aged man who is in full rejection of industrialism. Needless to say, this is a downer of a subject. People don't want to know this story because it's their story and it will end badly.

We'd rather watch a TV, computer or movie screen. We'd rather eat out than go shop for the groceries and we'd rather do that than grow the food ourselves. We've become that soft and dependent - like babies. We have found that on the TV, computer and movie screen we can be chisel-jawed, ripped and immortal. The poignant fact is we are mortal. We die.

We are probably alone on Earth in our knowledge of this fact. It is a underlying generator of our culture and art. It can also drive us mad. We are apparently so twisted in our heads right now that we have decided to take the planet with us. Not fair to Mother Earth or our own children. Is there a way out for Earth? Funny you asked. There is one coming up immediately. It could happen in a matter of days.

It is letting the full faith and credit of the United States (and ultimately the world) go into default. Could it be that the obscene circus that is Washington politics is pointing into an otherwise unimaginable deadlock that could make the financial heart attack we suffered in 2008 seem like mere indigestion.

The current deadlock between the Republicans and Democrats is at root two paths on way to de-industrialization. The Democratic path leads to maintaining a social safety net that is unaffordable and will have to consume all other activities to provide food stamps, housing assistance and Medicaid, resulting in too many who are idle and obese. The Republican path leads to privitization of all of the common and the commercialization of all living resources for the benefit of a few corporate types in bunker like resorts.

 Pick a hell - Democratic "Socialism" or Republican "Capitalism". Both need plenty of lethal energy and all the money in the world. But even that won't be enough for either of them. Were their deadlock to take us over the edge of the cliff, what will happen? Chaos, collapse, crime, starvation, war? True. But that's happening already - but not to us.

We live in the gated community called "Western Civilization". Outside the gates it's getting gnarly. As the cheap oil growth model of our economy grinds to a stop the financial order of Europe and the United States ( as well as attendant hangers-on) will fail.

We known this for a long time. The 2007 housing bubble burst and $147/barrel oil spike in 2008 were only Act One of the drama we find ourselves acting in. The intermission is over. Quiet please, Act Two is about to begin.

Do you know your role? Got your lines? The lights are dimming. Whether we have a federal default or just get a little closer to one, we could generate a loss of financial faith that would introduce us to the pain the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) are going through. Palpable impoverishment.

 Of course our representatives in DC are likely to try and kick the can down the road one more time and cobble together an accommodation to allow both living hells to stumble on like zombies. Just a little more time - Pleeeaze! As we have urged for several years now; it's time to get your house in order.

There is little chance for high speed rail, alternative energy replacement for oil, or government programs for work (other than war). Get off all the grids on which you find yourself. Build up your local networks. Pray for Mother Earth.

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