Life Within the Soil

SUBHEAD: The real secrets of a healthy soil — mega-diversity in soil life. By Doug Weatherbee on 19 January 2011 on Sustainable World Radio - Image above: Doug Weatherbee. Photo from his website( Listen to a two part interview on soil with Doug Weatherbee broadcast on Sustainable World Radio. Part 1 ( or Doug_Weatherbee1SoilDr.mp3 Part 2 ( or Doug_Weatherbee2SoilDr.mp3

Given that the soil beneath our feet is the source of all we eat, breathe, possess, and are, and given that it’s disappearing fast, it is imperative that we begin to protect and even restore it. Understanding a little better how it works is one giant step towards accomplishing this.

The content of Sustainable World Radio’s interview with Doug brings one face to face with the absurdity of a monocrops, industrialized, product-based agriculture, as he looks at the real secrets of a healthy soil — mega-diversity in soil life — and its potential to bring not only resiliency, but also gift us with a self-perpetuating system.

Doug Weatherbee, a Soil Foodweb Advisor and owner of, talks about the biodiversity that lies beneath our feet. Soil is alive!

In part 2 of this interview, Doug talks about soil organic matter, carbon sequestration, how to tend your soil to support either fungal or bacterial populations, and how home gardeners can minimize soil disturbance and increase soil fertility.


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