Hawaii Legislation on Pesticides

SUBHEAD: Upcoming legislation on pesticide use in Hawaii needs public attention and testimony. By Jimmy Trujillo on 2 February 2011 for Kauai Beekeepers Association - (http://kauaibuzz.blogspot.com/2011/02/good-news-and-bad-news.html) Image above: An active bee colony. From (http://www.critter-company.com/bees). First the good news. Our recent meeting with the Kauai legislative team was very productive. All four elected officials were present as we discussed HCR 203 and shared a myriad of concerns with them. Mahalo to District 15 Rep. Jimmy Tokioka and his staff for helping to coordinate the meeting. District 14 Rep. Mina Morita along with District 16 Rep. Dee Morikawa and State Senator Ron Kouchi attended with some of our regulars and a few new faces. Afterwards we submitted a request that they consider reintroducing SB 463. Mahalo to everyone in attendance for your participation. Yes, this is still part of the good news, but it gets better. HB 1387 was introduced by Reps. Morita and Morikawa. A simple request for the Department of Agriculture (DOA) to publish an annual report on pesticide use in the State including investigations of health complaints by the Department of Health. In addition it will requires users of pesticides to report usage to DOA and allows DOA to impose a fee to recover costs. The issue of pesticide use in our community is of great importance. This simple request for our government to monitor the safety and well being of our community may be opposed by pesticide users but most reasonable people would agree that we have to start looking at this closely and determine what are the concerns and how do we address them. This bill is a good starting point and helps us all understand how far reaching the issue is. Testimony can be sent via the internet or can be e.mailed to repmorita@Capitol.hawaii.gov Include the bill number and the committee in the subject line. The bill is being heard in the Energy and Environmental Protection (EEP) committee and may scheduled for a hearing next week. Hopefully we can move this bill out of committee with out any significant changes and usher it forward to being signed into law. I'll skip the bad news for now and just say mahalo to all the bee lovers out there who understand the connection between healthy bees and a healthy environment. Have a beautiful day and bee well. .

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now for the bad news. mina called on friday evening to say that the chair of the ag committee, clift tsuji from the big island, did not want to hear this bill. so now it sits, waiting a slow death unless we rally and send some e.mails to him and rep tokioka asking that they hear this bill and move it out of committee. politics at it's worst; when legislation dies because of a not so hidden agenda of a chair tagged as the bio tech legislator of the year. auwe. send e.mails to reptsuji@Capitol.hawaii.gov or reptokioka@Capitol.hawaii.gov
and request that the bill get's heard and passed out of committee.

jimmy trujillo

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