Loss of monk seals

SOURCE: Nina Monasevitch (oceanmana@hawaiiantel.net)
 SUBHEAD: Recent murders of rare Hawaiian seals are acts of barbarism.  

By Mimi (Hawaiian monk seal volunteer) on 27 May 2009 in Island Breath -

Image above: Photo of "Molii Mom" while alive at northshore beach on Kauai.

 [Source's Note: The pregnant female seal (RK06) in the photo below was killed while resting on a north shore beach on May 21. The other seal, a young male (R119) was found dead on the west side, also killed by human foul play on April 19th. As you know these seals are critically endangered. If you have any source of information as to who may have been responsible, please speak up and call NMFS Law Enforcement: 1-800-853-1964. Those responsible for these unconscionable acts must be found and held accountable.

The great loss of Moli'i mom   

 It is with a heavy heart that I write to you, having spent Memorial Day joining President Obama to pray for permanent peace in the world. In the light of the recent events in our program, I am even more committed to pray for our Kauai community.

As many of you already know and have read in the newspaper, we lost another one of our seals last week. I can now tell you it was RK06, our special "Miloli'i mom" who was due to pup anyday, making it her sixth pup since 2004. V

olunteers and I had been keeping an eye on her, thinking she might pup again at North Larsen's, like she did in 2006 (had female, RO28). K06 was one of our most prolific seals, so we lost not only her and another pup, but also her reproductive potential to help save her species.

Many of you knew RK06 and RI19 well, as they swam and hauled out around the island...Megan and Cindy have sent photos from the north shore, I have many from my first experiences of K06 with fiesty pup,R028 at N. Larsens. Mary and Lloyd have fond memories of seal haulouts at Nukoli'i.

Several volunteers watched over them at Maha'ulepu, and Millie led the pup sitting of RI19 there in 2004. I was even blessed while diving with Wendy at Koloa Landing to have I19 gracefully swim past us, giving joy to my nervous re-entry into SCUBA after having lost my dive buddy and brother 19 years ago.

 Presently we are waiting to hear from NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service for the results of the necropsies/investigations. We must be patient to wait until their law enforcement agency can release a public statement, thus ensuring successful investigations. In the meantime, we, (NOAA/State) are planning a memorial ceremony with Sabra Kauka, for these lost seals...where we can share and help bring closure to our grief.

We will not let their deaths go without bringing good out of all this. It is my hope that each of you will think about what more we can do in our community to foster care and celebration of our precious endangered Hawaiian seals... Please send your thoughts, comments to Mary, who has offered to help me with this, at: marywerthwine@gmail.com . Mahalo for standing together for what is good and pono, my grief touches yours.

 Image above: Photo of male pup with mom before he was murdered.

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Ausearth said...

I am compasionate man, I feel all should be forgiven. But and thats a big but. The ones who do this canot be forgiven, They should be taken out of the culture, all privilages suspended for the rest of there natural life.
A cell food and nothing else, no contact with any life form ever again, on death their body reduced in an iron smelter.
Let it be known how grave a crime this is.
Sorry but this is evil

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