Hawaii Space Tourism

SOURCE: Koohan Paik (kosherkimchee@yahoo.com) SUBHEAD: The HI State DBEDT, the US military and private speculators have another hair-brained idea.  

Posted by Damon Tucker on May 26, 2009 on YouTube.

Image above: still from YouTube video illustrating rocketplane on way to space.

 Source Comment: This is sick. Shades of the Superferry all over again. ...and we wonder why we're broke. I couldn't stomach watching the whole thing yet, but if they're talking Kona - this is just what we need to go along with the vog ... more jet fuel burned in the air over Hawaii. Just great!

A video about rocketplanes and space tourism with R Representatives Angus McKelvey and Gene Ward Ph.D. Guests John Strom, VP of Business Development Enterprise Honolulu and Jim Crisafulli, Director of the Office of Aerospace Development, Strategic Industries Division, DBEDT/State of Hawaii.

[IB Editor's Conclusion: The gist of this project is to bring launching into "space" as a tourist operation to Hawaii. The proposal is to use corporate jets carrying rocket engines to lift as many as six passengers to 350,000 feet elevation. This all done from existing commercial airports. Apparently several states have applied for spaceport licenses from the FAA.The military is a partner in this effort in Hawaii (as they were in the Superferry). Do they have an interest in turning commercial airports into spaceports?]


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