Jackson Browne vs DAPL owner

SUBHEAD: Jackson Browne told Kelcy Warren of Energy Transfer Partners, "I Don't play for oil!"

By Amy Goodwin on 5 November 2106 for Democracy Now! -

Image above: Kelcy Warren with shovel on left and Jackson Browne with guitar. From original article.

When Kelcy Warren owner of Energy Transfer Partners is not building pipelines, he runs a small record label that puts out folk music.

In December of 2013, Kelcy Warren’s record label, Music Road Records, released the album Looking into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne. It was a passion project spearheaded by Kelcy Warren himself, a longtime fan of Browne’s. 

In a press release for the album, Warren is quoted as saying, "I don’t know of anybody that admires Jackson more than me. We really had fun with this, and I’m very proud of the final product—it brings joy to an industry that tends to sap it out of me!" he said.

Jackson Browne is now one of 13 musical artists who signed on to a letter to Kelcy Warren vowing to no longer play in Warren’s Cherokee [Creek] Music Festival or participate in Music Road Records recordings.

In a statement released to Indian Country Today Media Network, Jackson Browne also pledged to donate the money he’s received and will receive from the album to tribes opposing the pipeline.

Jackson Browne writes, quote, "I did not know anything about Kelcy Warren’s other business as the production of this album went forward.

Although as a music publisher there is no legal way to deny permission to a record company to cover a song that has been previously published, I could have dissuaded the artists from appearing on this record had I known." Browne goes on to say, "I do not play for oil interests.

I do not play for companies who defile nature, or companies who attack demonstrators with trained attack dogs and pepper spray.

I certainly would not have allowed my songs to be recorded by a record company whose owner’s other business does what Energy Transfer Partners is allegedly doing—threatening the water supply and the sacred sites of indigenous people," he wrote. Those are the words of Jackson Browne.

Other musicians speaking out against the pipeline include Emily Saliers and Amy Ray, better known as the folk duo the Indigo Girls, who are now banding together to confront Kelcy Warren and help stop the pipeline. We’re going to go to break, and when we come back, the Indigo Girls are with us in studio. But we’re going to play, at our break, Jackson Browne.

Jackson Browne is just announcing that he is going to be playing on the Standing Rock Reservation, just as the Indigo Girls did. He’ll be playing at the Prairie Knights Casino on the reservation on—I think it’s November 27th, Sunday night of Thanksgiving weekend.

The concert organizers say the event will bring awareness to the fight against the pipeline and help the spirits up of the resistance camps. The event is open to the public and kicks off concerts that the Native Children’s Survival plan to do at the camps to support Standing Rock.

Among those who will be performing are Bonnie Raitt. Let’s go to Jackson Browne and then the Indigo Girls.
In fact, in one of his statements, Jackson Browne said, "I intend to support public resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline as much as I can. To quote a song of mine:
Which side? 
The corporations attacking the natural world, drilling and fracking, who do it with the backing of the craven and corrupt?
Or the ones who fight for the earth with all their might, and in the name of all that's right, confront and disrupt?

Video above: Amy Goodman story on Jackson Browne and Kelcy Warren. From (http://www.democracynow.org/2016/11/3/i_do_not_play_for_oil).

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