Oregon & California think to secede

SUBHEAD: Oregon, California, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada and Alaska could form a new union.

By Tyler Durden on 12 November 2016 for Zero Hedge -

Image above: Flag of proposed Cascadia (includes parts Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho and British Columbia. From (http://cascadia-institute.org/flag.html).

[IB Publisher's note:We are all for Hawaii asserting it's national sovereignty and joining such a union.]

Just yesterday we wrote about the "Calexit" proposal that was starting to gather steam after Trump's historic victory on Tuesday night.  Now The Oregonian points out that a group in Oregon has also filed the "Oregon Secession Act" in response to the perceived notion that "Oregonian values are no longer the values held by the rest of the United States."

But, unlike the Calexit proposal, the distraught Hillary supporters in Oregon are thinking big picture and have invited the states of California, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada and Alaska to all band together to form a new nation.

On Thursday morning, Jennifer Rollins, a lawyer, and Christian Trejbal, a writer, filed the Oregon Secession Act.

"Oregonian values are no longer the values held by the rest of the United States," Trejbal said over the phone Thursday.

Those values? "Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness," Trejbal said, "plus equality."

"Obviously," he said, the ballot proposal "came about partially in response to the election results on Tuesday."

Trejbal said that joining forces with other states like Washington, California and Nevada is "a viable way to go forward."

These states, he said, "could all get together and form a nation that uphold the values that we share."

To start the ballot title drafting process, the Oregon Secession Act must receive 1,000 signatures. Trejbal said he and Rollins would be at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland on Thursday night to begin the process of getting those signatures.
And here is the full 1-page proposal...clearly they put a lot of time and effort into this between their violent protest sessions and crying fits.

Image above: Image of text of Oregon Secession Act. From original article.

Below is a text version that can be parsed or copied and pasted into text file.

Oregon Secession Act

Whereas the People of Oregon prize life liberty and the pursuit of happiness as unalienable rights of free people;

Whereas many other American States do not share values as shown by their electoral outcomes,
laws, and public policies,

Whereas irreconcilable differences exist between Oregon ind many other American States,

Whereas the U.S. Congress no longer is capable of addressing issues important to Oregon and protecting the rights of free people;

Whereas the federal government has proved a poor steward and manager of public resources in

Whereas governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed;

Whereas in the course of human events, it sometimes becomes necessary for one people to !he political bands that have connected them with another;

The People of Oregon therefore enact the following Oregon Secession Act:

 Section 1 The Governor and Legislature shall actively pursue Oregon's peaceful secession from the United State of America. They shall seek secession alone or in conjunction with other states and Canadian provinces that seek to form a new nation, including but not limited to California, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada, Alaska and British Columbia.

Section 2 Upon securing a secession date, the Governor and Legislature  shall support convening a Constitutional Convention with any other states or provinces that might have joined Oregon in secession. in secession.

The Governor, Legislature and Oregon Convention Delegates shall advocate for and support the following principles during formation and execution of the Constitutional Convention
a) The number of Convention delegates should be proportional to the population of each state and should be selected by nonpartisan election.

b) The Constitution should be grounded in democratic principles and preserve the life, liberty, equality and persuit of happiness of the people.

c) The Constitution should establish popular election of the chief executive.

d) The Constitution should require nonpartisan elections and forbid privileged ballot or electoral access based on affiliation with a private organization or political party.

The good thing is that the devastated Hillary supporters are moving through the Kubler-Ross Model of the "Seven Stages of Grief" pretty quickly as they seem to have already reached stage Four (Bargaining) after only three days.  That said, we suspect the depression stage could last for a little while...college professors shouldn't expect our snowflakes to be taking tests for at least another couple of weeks.


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