Kauai NoDAPL Demonstration

SUBHEAD: Kauai action during "World-wide Stand Up for Standing Rock Day of Solidarity"

By Michael Goddwin on 13 November 2016 for Island Breath -

Image above: Juan Flores, a traditional Aztec dancer, at a rally in support for the protestors at Standing Rock, North Dakota. Photo by Sandy Huffaker. From (http://www.salon.com/2016/11/06/nodapl-is-nativelivesmatter-the-protests-at-standing-rock-are-not-about-environmentalism-theyre-about-racism/).

World-wide Stand Up for Standing Rock Day of Solidarity. On Kauai, a sign-wave demonstration and network session.

Tuesday, November 15, 3:00pm

Nawiliwili Harbor, corner of Nawiliwili Road and Wilcox Road

We are demonstrating our support for the Standing Rock Sioux Nation and hundreds of Native American tribes camped on Standing Rock ancestral land, blocking construction of the Dakota Access pipeline to protect the water vital to their existence.

Standing Rock is a convergence of environmental and social justice crises.

Oil extracted by fracking, itself environmentally destructive, would be transported 1780 miles through pipelines with a troubled history of bursting, resulting in immense environmental damage.

The pipeline was to pass just north of Bismark, but the white people there, fearing a threat to the city's water supply, got it redirected through American Indian ancestral and treaty lands.

Standing Rock is a stand against potential environmental calamity, especially as Dakota Access is intended to pass under the Missouri River, posing a threat to eighteen million people living down river.

Standing Rock is a stand against the ongoing genocide of Native people who are made invisible by the government and media and who are being pushed to the margins of society.

Standing Rock is a stand against Dakota Access Pipeline consortium and its Wall Street backers who stand to reap a fortune without accountability or repercussion.

Standing Rock is a stand against headlong descent into climate oblivion. Established scientific consensus projects that extracting and burning known reserves of fossil fuels, which is Big Gas and Oil's game plan, will warm the atmosphere and acidify the oceans to an extent that will make earth unlivable.

We have chosen Nawiliwili for our demonstration because of a proposal before the Department of Transportation, Harbors Division to construct a 66,000 gallon liquefied natural gas ("LNG") storage facility a short distance from here, across from Pier 2 in Nawiliwili Harbor.

We are mindful that first, there is a projection that fossil fuel consumption on Kauai will increase.

Second, some quantity of carbon in that gas is going to escape into the atmosphere and third, that by conserving our personal energy usage we can reduce fossil fuel production and make extraction, burning, and transport by pipeline less profitable and so less likely to occur.

We are here to honor native sovereignty rights and to say that our communities, water and climate matter more than fossil fuel profits.

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