Clinton's GMO buddy Vilsack

SUBHEAD: Hillary has vetted Vilsack and is preparing public for GMO flack as Vise Presidential pick.

By Michael Shooltz & Juan Wilson on 20 July 2016 in Island Breath -

Image above: USDA head "Vilesack" met with Monsanto to discuss advances for 2016. From (

The current USDA head Thomas Vilsack is said to be Hillary Clinton's top choice for Vice President.

This is a guy who was voted "Governor of the Year" in 2001 by the GMO Industry when he was governor of Iowa. See (

As head of the USDA he has been a steadfast talking head for Monsanto and and the biotechnology-pesticide industry.

Under Vilsack's watch the US Department of Agriculture has been purchasing massive amounts assault rifles and ammunition. One might ask themselves why the USDA needs 7,000 assault rifles and over 300,000 rounds of ammunition. (

Under Vilsack, the USDA financed the massive new police headquarters on Maui in 2012, located at the front driveway of the 300 acre Monsanto Seed Farm in South Kihei at Piʻilani Promenade.
Image above: Overview of Kihei Police Station and Monsanto Headquarters. Click to see larger overview. From GoogleEarth.

Since when does the USDA finance the construction of Police Stations? See (USDA $17 million loan  to Maui County for Kihei  Police Station). Obviously, Monsanto wanted to have a fortress with armed guards protecting its offices and crop fields paid for by the public. Moreover,they wanted their site close to housing, shopping, schools and the best beaches on Maui.

Only trouble is the trade winds blow the dust of the dry uplands down into a densely populated area of Kihei and the runoff from the fields goes into the ocean at the nearby beaches.

Image above: Map of Monsanto area in Kihei, Maui. Red - Monsanto GMO fields, Police Station and Elementary School; Yellow - tradewind dust; Blue - GMO field runoff. From (

Paired with Clinton (whose former law firm represents Monsanto),  Monsanto and friends would have the White House locked snugly in their pocket.
I continue to pray that somehow Bernie Sanders ends up our next President. Please join me in that prayer - Micahel Shooltz

I don't think there is any chance for Bernie, but Jill Stein in on the ballot in Hawaii for the Green Party - Juan Wilson
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