Tell Obama to veto GMO DARK bill

SUBHEAD: The Dark Act  bill is sitting on President Obama's desk waiting to be signed! This is our last chance!

By Staff on 22 July 2016 for Food Democracy Now -

Image above: Obama's promise to support GMO labeling. From Food Democracy Now.

Monsanto's DARK Act has landed on President Obama's desk 3 DAYS ago and he still hasn't signed it!

This outrageous bill has passed both the Senate and the House and the only thing standing in our way from it becoming the law of the land is President Obama actually signing the bill. The White House phones have been ringing off the hook for weeks as hundreds of thousands of Americans outraged over this terrible, unconstitutional bill have been voicing their opposition.

We need everyone who can act today to sign this letter or make a call to remind President Obama to stand up for the American people — It's time to put an end to the corporate corruption of our democracy and our food supply!

Tell President Obama to VETO Senate Bill 764 Monsanto's Corporate Coup and STAND UP for our basic rights and our democracy! The White House needs to hear from you today - CALL (202) 456-1111 or (202) 456-1414 -  Every voice counts!

While Congress has a long history of being in bed with Monsanto and the junk food companies, First Lady Michelle Obama planted an organic garden on the White House lawn and has tried to promote healthy food as a solution to our nation's growing obesity problem and to motivate children to eat healthier food.

Just as impressive, while on the campaign trail President Obama stood up to Big Food and told a group of Iowa farmers that if elected President he would actually label "genetically modified foods, because Americans should know what they're buying!"

We couldn't agree more! Which is why we're sending this email today to have your remind him of his courageous pledge to label GMOs foods back in 2007 - when most Americans had never even heard of Monsanto or GMOs!

We know, with everything happening in Washington DC it's easy to be cynical, but after he was elected, President Obama was asked if he'd actually follow through on his promise.

Obama's response was "Show me the Movement. Make me do it". And these past 7 years - that's exactly what We've done!

Please take a few seconds today and watch this historic 2007 video where a young Senator from Illinois made the first pledge of a Presidential candidate EVER to Promise to Label GMOs!

Now's the time Mr. President , stand up for ALL Americans and - VETO S. 764 - and help us win honest labels!

Rush an urgent message to President Obama to veto Monsanto's Corporate Coup S. 764 and TAKE A Stand for REAL GMO Labels! Every voice counts!

Please help us flood the White House with calls today (202-456-1111) asking Obama to stand with Americans who want real labels - Tell President Obama to veto S. 764.

Please SHARE this Important message to President Obama far and wide with friends and family today!
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And sign a White House Petition here: (

Now that both chambers of Congress have passed S. 764 aka Monsanto's Corporate Coup, the only thing left before it becomes law is it being signed by President Obama. And we need your help to make sure he understands this does not represent what 90% of the American public actually wants.

Republicans and Democrats have Climbed into Bed to Protect Monsanto and Big Food, but that doesn't mean that President Obama has to sign this terrible bill.

As a Constitutional law professor, President Obama knows better than anyone else how important it is to make sure that our laws are written fairly and properly protect the rights of the American public. It's time to end Monsanto's corruption of our democracy!

Tell President Obama to VETO S 764 and put an END to Monsanto's Corporate Coup! Every voice counts! (

The bill is now on President Obama's desk and could be signed into law at any moment! The White House needs to hear from you today!

Please share with your friends and call your Members of Congress today! Every voice counts!

Remember, democracy is like a muscle, either you use it or you lose it!

Video above: Obama's promise to support GMO labeling. From (

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