8/13 Primary Elections on Kauai

SUBHEAD: Important primary election dates, information, and lists of candidates.

By Linda Pascatore on 17 July 2016 for Island Breath -

Image above: Hawaiians line up to vote for Bernie Sanders in Democratic Primary. From (http://www.leadertelegram.com/News/Daily-Updates/2016/03/27/Sanders-captures-two-states-Clinton-keeps-big-delegate-lead.html).

Early Walk In Voting for Primary: 1 August to 11 August 2016

Last day to request Mail in Ballot: 6 August 2016

Primary Elections: 13 August 2016 - Polls open 7am to 6pm

To register to vote, update existing voter registration, confirm voter address, and request to vote by mail, find your polling place, or view your ballot, go to: https://olvr.hawaii.gov/Default.aspx

On the front page of the primary ballot, you must first choose one political party or non-partisan, and then vote only for those candidates. Vote for only one candidate for the offices below:

Democratic Party: 
US Senator:

Christensen, Makani
Honeychurch, Tutz
Reeyes, Arturo
Schatz, Brian
Shiratori, Miles

US Representative, Second District
Chan Hodges, Shay
Gabbard, Tulsi

Hawaii State Senator:
Ahuna, Kanoe
Kouchi, Dan

Hawaii State Representative:
District 14:
Nakamura, Nadine
Rosenstiel, Fern Anuenue

District 15:
Oi, Tommy
Tokioka, James Kunane

District 16:
Morikawa, Dee

Republican Party:
US Senator:

Carroll, John
Gottschalk, Karla (Bart)
Pirkowski, Eddie
Roco, John P

US Representative, 2nd District:
Hafner, Eric
Kaaihue, Angela Aulani

State Representative, District 14:
Sandra Combs

State Representative, District 15: 
no candidate

State Representative, District 16:
Franks, Victoria (Vickie)

Libertarian Party:
US Senator:
Kokoski, Michael A

American Shopping Party:
US Senator:

Giuffre, John M (Raghu)

Constitution Party:
US Senator:
Allison, Joy J

Nonpartisan Ballot: 
US Representative, 2nd District:
Turner, Richard

On the back page of your ballot, you will find the non-partisan votes for Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), Prosecuting Attorney, and County Council:

Kauai County Council:  (vote for not more than 7 candidates)
Apalla, Juno-Ann A
Bernabe, Matt
Brun, Arthur
Chock, Mason
Doctor Sparks, Norma
Fukushima, Richard S
Hooser, Gary L
Kagawa, Ross K
Kaneshiro, Arryl
Kawakami, Derek S K
Kualli, Kipukai
Rapozo, Mel
Yukimura, JoAnn A

Kauai County Prosecuting Attorney (both candidates advance to general election)
Lisa Arin
Justin Kollar

Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA): Hawaii Resident Trustee: (vote for one candidate)
Kahui, Bo V (Craig)
Lindsey, Robert K (Bob)
Trask, Mililani B

Molokai Resident Trustee: (vote for one candidate)
Flowers, Jerry (Manuwa)
Hanapi, Alapai
Machado, Colette (Pipi'i)

At large trustee: (vote for one candidate)
Akina, Keli'i
Anthony, Daniel K
Apoliona, Haunani
Crum, Couglas E
Kalima, Leona Mapuana
Makekau, Keali'i
Mossman, Paul Ledwith



Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Eric Hafner for Congress. He's the only one willing to stand up for working people, and particularly I admire the willingness he has to challenge the federal government. Even if you don't agree with everything he says, he is clearly honest and not tied into corporate or military interests. http://www.erichafner.com is his website

Anonymous said...

Hello Linda, I hope you will be able to post recommendations for the primary ballot this year, ASAP. I have always appreciated the informative considerations presented on your site regarding election decisions.
Be well, Jenny in Wailua

Linda Pascatore said...

Recommendations will be coming soon, definitely before the walk-in voting begins.

Leslie said...

Finding your site was a gift! We became permanent residents of Kaua'i last summer. Being decades/long visitors, & also politically active on the mainland, we were pretty familiar with candidates at the state & congressional level. Your info helped confirm our island candidate choices. Mahalo nui loa! Mike & Leslie Luttig

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