Women Who Farm

SUBHEAD: The actions of women rooted in agriculture, leadership and cultural change.

By Katie Massy on 1 March 2016 for Overgow the System -

Image above: A woman farming. From  original article.

From backyards, abandoned urban spaces, rural properties, and farmland, women around the world, are leading a change that nourishes the soil, encourages biodiversity, safe-guards the seeds, and teaches the children.

This movement continues to gain power through the women who are changing the future of food. Their hardwork, re-skilling and activism is what the world has been waiting for.
Women Who Farm seeks to share these stories.

This project establishes itself as an online media project, and as a book that follows the stories of 15 women across Canada and the United States. The book is still in its infancy stage, while the online project is now underway.

Women Who Farm seeks to celebrate women, through it’s multiple platforms in order to create a new narrative of perserverance, skill and leadership. These stories can inspire both women and men, towards a more ecological and diverse food system which in turn will bring about a more socially just and biodiverse world.

As Vandana Shiva, an agricultural activist says, “We are either going to have a future where women lead the way to make peace with the earth, or we are not going to have a human future at all.”

Are you a woman dedicated to small-scale agriculture, homesteading, gardening, market farming, or raising animals in an ethical way?  Be apart of Women Who Farm! We seek to celebrate women who are leading the local food movement.

To be featured on the Women Who Farm Facebook page send in a photo of yourself on your farm, or in your garden, etc. and we will send you a question. Once we receive your reply, we will feature you on our social media channels. We will post your photo with your engaging quote and give credit to you and your farm.

Do you want to write for Women Who Farm?  We are seeking to publish articles through our online platform connected with Over Grow The System. We will also share your article on the Women Who Farm social media sites.

One last easy way to be apart of Women Who Farm: Tag yourself #womenwhofarm and connect up with us!

Please send all photo’s, submissions and any questions you may have to submissions@womenwhofarm.com

[Her]Story is an online feature of Women Who Farm that empowers and celebrates women around the world. We share the stories of women to inspire a new narrative of empowerment through gardening, homesteading, farming, beekeeping, and seed saving.

This online platform is for you. By sharing your story, you inspire others to create positive change on both the land and in communities throughout the world. By sharing the good work that you and countless women are indebted to, you inspire ripples of positive global change.

Tips & suggestions for your entry:
  • Please give full, in depth replies. Write like you would in an essay.
  • Find someone who can go over and edit your entry before you enter in below.
  • Feel free to advertise the work you are doing, such as your blog or book etc., but don’t let it over shadow the writing. You can advertise at the end of the article the work in which you want to promote.
  • We want to share your story with both the challenges and victories. We are inspired by the real stories of what it means to farm and grow food. It’s not all sunshine and kale, and we are totally inspired by that. Check out some of our Her[Story] features below.
  • After we receive your submission, we will contact you and ask for photographs.  
  • Please send in ten to fifteen high quality images. Images really help with the telling of your story.
  • You don’t have any high quality images? Reach out to your community to see if there is anyone who will take pictures of you and your work.  Some smart phones take good enough quality images that look beautiful. We request that all images are 2000pix wide
  • Please reply to the questions you feel most called to. You do not need to reply to all of them.

My name is Katie Massy. I have been farming since the age of 25. I found my life’s career when I planted the first seeds of early Spring. My first year farming was filled with struggle, but that year of not having a boss, being free on the land, eating amazing food, made me fall in love with being a farmer.

Heart and Soil Organics, run by my partner and I, began when I met a man travelling down from the Haida Gwaii, who urged me to start growing food. With limited access to locally grown food, and most food being shipped in, he was concerned about the Haida Gwaii and noted that Vancouver Island was in a similar situation. It was that day that my partner and I decided to start farming.
We now grow on an acre of land, maybe a little bit more.

Our intention is not to plow more soil, but to grow with better soil, quality seed, and rain harvested water. We spend a lot of time soil building. Each year we harvest enough rain water to irrigate our entire farm for the year.

With the support of our customers it is possible for us to grow food that nourishes both the land and its people. When people take home food we have grown, I feel such happiness in my heart. They have tasted what a real tomato tastes like.

I believe farming is such a perfect vocation for women. It takes real nuturing and attention to grow good food. We don’t need to know how to fix huge tractors, or combines. All we need are some hand tools, determination and a strong back.

I hope that you share your story with me. Together we can change the cultural ideal of what it means to be a woman and celebrate being a farmer. It is a great thing to be a woman who farms.

Video above: "Women Who Farm". Featuring Katie Massy. From original article. (https://vimeo.com/155460216).


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