Public Hearing on GMO Bill 2491

SUBHEAD: Come to hearing on July 31st at KVC to protect our keiki and aina for future generations.

By Staff on 11 July 2013 for StopPoisoningParadise & HawaiiSeed -

Image above: Crowd gathered at Waimea Canyon Middle School on 7/13/13 to hear presentation of information GMO pesticide spraying in Waimea that included a handout of pesticides uses with dates and locations of applications. Attending were Gary Hooser, Tim Bynam and JoAnn Yukimura. Photo by Juan Wilson.

Defend Kauai before and after the Public Hearing on Bill 2491. Join Dustin Barca, Walter Ritte, Kepa Kruse to keep the big chemical corporations from poisoning of our children, land, air and water.

Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono
to protect our keiki and aina for future generations

Kauai County Council Public Hearing
Review of Bill 2491 to Regualte Pesticide/GMO Open Field Testing

Events - July 31, 2013, 12pm until late
Council Hearing - 1:30-5:30pm

Kauai Veteran's Center
3215 Kapule Highway (between Lihue Airport and Rice Street)Lihue, HI 96766

Bill 2491 includes:
  • Require the County of Kauai to conduct a thorough Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the impact of the GMO industry and its related practices on Kauai County. This will include independent testing of soil, water, air and volunteer residents.
  • Require the establishment of a permitting system for GMO operations.

  • Provides that the EIS and the establishment of the permitting process may be paid for through property taxes directly associated to the operations being evaluated and through permitting fees to be established.

  • Establish a moratorium on new or expanded GMO operations pending the results of an EIS and development of a permitting system.

  • Establishes penalties and a rule making process.

  • The right to know what chemicals are being sprayed and what GMO's are being grown.

  • Requirement of buffer zones around schools, waterways, roads and hospitals.

  • Ban open air experiments of unapproved GMO's and pesticides.

Image above: Panorama of WCMS meetingon 7/13/13 to hear presentation of information on  GMO pesticide spraying. Click to enlarge. Photo by Juan Wilson.

Your County Council members need your support and encouragement to pass Bill 2491!  Please submit written testimony today!

Explain to the County Council respectfully and clearly why this bill matters to you and why you would like to see it passed. Email testimony to:

To learn more and to view Bill 2491, visit

Kauai Has the Right to Know!



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