Pioneer sued over pesticide use

SUBHEAD: The residue of Pioneer banned pesticide Chlopyrifos has been found at Waimea Canyon Middle School.

By Staff on 10 July 2013 for Surfriders Foundation -

Image above: The entrance to Waimea Canyon Middle School on Kauai. Photo by Juan Wilson.

The attorneys for Waimea residents suing Pioneer have compiled a chemical list which details the chemicals the company uses and the health risks associated with those chemicals.

Public meeting on Waimea residents lawsuit against Dupont/Pioneer pesticide usage.

Saturday, July 13, 2013 at 2:00 pm

Waimea Canyon Middle School Cafeteria

Plaintiff attorneys, along with two experts will share information that will answer the following questions:
  1. What poisonous chemicals are being sprayed on us daily?
  2. What are the health risks associated with these poisons?
  3. The use of Chlopyrifos, a chemical spray used by Pioneer, has been banned- but residue has been found at our middle school. Now what?
  4. Gary Hooser's bill- what's in it?
Please inform your friends and neighbors to attend the meeting, some of them do not have emails.  Even workers at the corn companies should learn of the dangers that they're working with.


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