Hawaii GMO Bill 79 needs support

SUBHEAD: It's looking like there are just 3 solid council votes for the up coming council meeting on GMO Bill 79.

By Sharon Rudolph on 19 July 2013 in Island Breath  -

Image above: Detail of Hawaii GMO Free handout in support of Bill 79 to halt expansion of GMOs on the Big Island. Click on it for 1.6meg PDF flyer.

PLEASE help print & distribute the GMO flier above! click on link (http://www.islandbreath.org/2013Year/07/130720gmobill79.pdf)

It's looking like we only have 3 solid council votes for the up coming council meeting on GMO Bill 79, to stop the expansion of GMO by large corporations like Monsanto, on the Big Island.

The meeting is July 30th, 9am - at the West Hawaii Civic Center & video sites. UNLESS we have a MASSIVE TURNOUT to convince 2 more council members, this bill will fail. Mark your calendar, tell your friends, take the morning off from work! Yes, it's THAT important... (counciltestimony@co.hawaii.hi.us)

The council meeting will be to discuss Bill 79 & a possible vote - no testimony will be taken from the public, but they will need to know MANY residents ARE WATCHING how they will vote!!!

PLEASE HELP - there is SO MUCH AT STAKE here for the future of Hawaii Island!
Please share this email with your local email list & on FB.

Support Hawaii GMO Free Hawaii Island www.gmofreehawaiiisland.org and/or contact gmofreehawaiiisland@gmail.com

Video above: The Monsanto Video Revolt Begins. From (http://youtu.be/Utl5et9ExMg).


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TheOldTechnician said...

Among the many faults and foibles of BIll 79, i'd like to expound on these below:

Bill 79's supposed exemptions for GM papayas really amounts to defacto ban on them, to wit, from Bill 79's text:

"(c) Any person using transgenic organisms in the production of agricultural produce or the raising livestock of any kind prior to the effective date of this article under the exemption allowed in subsections (b) and (c) is exempt from the prohibition set forth above in section 14- (a), provided documentation of the usage, the defined location and the extent thereof, is submitted to the department of environmental management, along with proof that all transgenic organisms are physically contained, as defined herein."

"Physically contained” means following USDA protocols and guidelines at the BSL-3-Ag Containment Level or greater as outlined in USDA Departmental Manual No. 9610-001: “USDA Security Policies and Procedures for Biosafety Level-3 Facilities.” -

Just what is BSL-3-Ag containment? See this slide show.

And, then, there is the 750 ft wide buffer zone requirement. That would leave a square 100 acre farm with under 8 acres left to actually grow their papayas ! And that assumes no streams within that farm !

There's no way that real farmers can operate under such draconian and totally unnecessary restrictions. This is grandfathering in name only.

There is also these clauses:

"Section 14-_ Registration.

a) All persons using genetically modified or transgenic manipulated produce or products of any kind shall register annually with the department, as defined in section __ , beginning within ninety days of the effective date of this article.

b) All persons using genetically modified organisms or transgenic manipulated produce or products shall be required to pay an annual registration fee of $100 per location. All contiguous land shall be treated as a single location."

It says trangenic manipulated produce OR products. That means anything made with anything derived from GMO's. That includes human compatible insulin, GMO vaccines, sodas made with sugar or corn syrup from GMO crops, etc, etc.

That flu shot next year may have a $100.00 surcharge per person. The elderly would have to pay it to the county or risk dying. Parents of young infants woulod have to pay $100.00 surcharge each or risk getting the flu and passing it on to said infants.

Does Wille even care? And, if she does, does she then think it's worth it, that those would be naturally occurring deaths anyway ? Is that her and Bill 79's supporters' idea of pono ?

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