Pioneer GMO Pesticide Report

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SUBHEAD: Kauai GMO company forced to release report on pesticide applications and their locations.

By Eric Cannon 18 July 2013 in Vimeo -

Image above: Detail of still frame from video at 21:44 showing the number of pesticide applications By Dupont/Pioneer in the Waimea area of Kauai per day in different months between 2007 and 2013. Peak periods were in January February and were as frequent as 30 times a day. Chemicals applied in open field tests included Atrazine, Chlorpyrifos, and Metolachlor. From video below.

GMO companies on the island of Kauai, Hawaii were forced to release a chemical report of all the pesticides, amounts and times that they have been spraying on their crops since coming to Kauai.

The two attorneys Kyle Smith and Gerard Jervis (that represent the concerned Waimea families) present the chemical reports to the people of Kauai and tell of its importance to us.

I highly recommend watching this entire video for all of it's extremely alerting information. Filmed on JULY 13th 2013 at Waimea Canyon Middle School.

Video above: Presentation on July 13th 2013 at WCMS. Kauai GMO Companies Release Chemical Report from Eric Cannon on Vimeo. From (



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