Bill 2491 hearing in new venue

SUBHEAD: GMO companies are resorting to deception and subterfuge to keep unrestricted use of Kauai.

By Juan Wilson on 27 July 2013 for Island Breath -

Image above: GMO companies - wolves in sheep's clothing. From (

The Kauai County Council announced through the Garden Island Newspaper that it has changed the venue of the up coming public hearing on Bill 2491 to regulate pesticide usage and GMO experiments on our island.

The Kauai County Council announced the public hearing for Bill 2491 will be held at Kauai Veterans Center, rather than the previously announced location at Kauai Community College.
The controversial bill proposes disclosure of pesticide use and sets up buffer zones for crops of genetically modified organisms.
“We know that many have made arrangements to attend this public hearing on this particular date, so I have decided to keep the (same) public hearing date and time,” Chair Jay Furfaro said in a press release.
The public hearing will still be held 1:30 p.m. Wednesday Kauai Veterans Center, which will have more seating available than the previous venue. Seating is still on a first-come, first-served basis.
“We regret any inconvenience this change in location may cause, but nonetheless look forward to a respectful, orderly, and productive public hearing that accurately exemplifies the aloha spirit of our Kauai citizens,” Furfaro said.
Those who wish to present their comments on the bill may do so at the public hearing.
KVC is at 3215 Kapule Highway, between Lihue Airport and Rice Street.
Needless to say, this hearing is of vital importance to anyone living on Kauai. Please attend and testify.

Tactics by the GMO Chemical Companies
Two recent items have come to our attention about the strategies of the GMO corporations activities.

One item is from Blake Drolson concerning phone calls to Kauai residents about testifying on Bill 2491. Blake emailed this message:
The other side is phoning Kau'i residents with propaganda and trying to get you to record testimony AGAINST our bill (2491) !!!

A friend said they got a telephone poll call from Hawaii Crop Improvement asking to record a message to the Council that stated that you opposed Bill 2491 (They did not use the Bill #).

First asked if they opposed the Bill. They said they supported it. Then they were asked to record a message to the Council in opposition. They said again they support it and had sent written testimony to that effect.

They decided perhaps they should record a support message so that their opinion would be correctly registered. They were given instruction on how to proceed and again were told that the message would be in opposition.
When they again stated that they were in favor of the Bill, that was acknowledged and then just before beginning to record the woman provided language that would be in opposition. So they refused to record because each time recording was mentioned they received a message that it would be in opposition to the Bill and they supported it.

There were many statements made in the conversation in favor of opposition to the bill. This was not an unbiased poll. The call came from telephone number 221-0175.

What you can do:
  • If you support Bill 2491, DO NOT RECORD A MESSAGE.

  • Write a email blast to all your Kauai friends to let them know that it is happening, especially if they are not on facebook and such.

  • Call important people you know.

  • Invite all your friends to write a testimonial: Here the how-to and more information!get_involved/c8k2
Stay pono, educate yourself, research your questions, talk to your family and friends about pesticides and the bill.
The other item is from Jo Amsterdam from Kalaheo. Yesterday she reported she saw smoke from the extensive Alexander & Baldwin property between Port Allen and Lawai. As you might know, over 3,000 acres of that property is leased to Kauai Coffee. Amongst that acreage there are several GMO corn seed fields that A&B has leased to DuPont Pioneer.

Ms. Amsterdam drove up to the Kukuiolono Golf Course for a better look and discovered that the smoke was coming from areas adjacent to GMO corn fields that were being burned and cleared - presumably for more growing GMO corn.

Jo also confirmed she had been called twice by a polling operation that read a scripted statement and offered her to help her testify on the bill. However, they told her that they would characterize any testimony as opposition to Bill 2491.


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Anonymous said...

the call to me began with the lie that the bill would ban all GMOs on Kauai. when I said that the statement was false, there was no attempt to acknowledge or correct. this is shades of hasegawa komuten when they "bought" the nukolii site -- and they won!

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