Waimea Canyon School GMO Meeting

SOURCE: Medigovich Karin (karinmedigo@gmail.com)
SUBHEAD: Informational meeting on chemicals and pesticides used by GMO companies on Kauai.Today 2:00pm

By Medigovich Karin on 10 July 2013 for Island Breath -

Image above: A chemical sprayer works it's way towards a building of classrooms on Waimea Canyon Middle School campus in 2007. From (http://islandbreath.org/2007Year/01-farming/0701-12Maluia-WCMS.html).

 Just a reminder to save Saturday, today as an informational day.

Informational meeting on chemicals and pesticides used by GMO companies on Kauai.

Saturday, June 13th 2013 at 2:00 - 4:00pm

Waimea Canyon Middle School Cafeteria
Waimea, Kauai (next to the westside of the hospital)

[IB Publisher's note: Of course, Waimea Canyon Middle School is where an outbreak of illnesses and breathing difficulty occurred  in 2007 after Syngenta repreatedly sprayed a cocktail of pesticides on GMO fields adjacent to the schools playgrounds. Talk about open field testing.]

Gerry Jervis and Kyle Smith have worked hard and even paid to get the list of chemicals that Pioneer uses.  On Saturday, they will give us a hand-out that 2 experts worked on, describing the pesticides and relating to us the negative health effects of most poisons.  Be there, we will benefit from this by knowing and not guessing.

The Waimea plaintiff's attorney in the suit against Pioneer for damaging the health of residents with unannounced pesicide spraying will be at the meeting.

Please make this a priority, our lives and especially our children's lives are too precious for anyone to ignore what's in the air.

See you there!  Pass this to anyone and everyone you care about.


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